Planting of fruit trees in the suburban area

If you ask any owner of the dacha, which, in his opinion, is the pride of his land?

planting of fruit trees
It is quite natural and without a shadow of a doubt getthe affirmative answer is that it is: a beautiful, well-groomed and yielding a rich harvest garden. But to get such results, many amateur gardeners had to undergo an expensive failure, and sometimes disappointments: there was a poor development of trees, the fruits were small or not at all the kind that seedlings bought. How should fruit trees be planted so that in the future you will not be disappointed, and the grown garden is pleased with the riot of flowers and the abundance of fruits?

First of all, it is necessary that you have formed the realization that trees are living beings, and the process of planting and further care must be carried out according to their laws of life.

planting of fruit trees in autumn
Very many factors influence the goodgrowth and vital activity of plants - this is the state of the soil, and the lunar phases, and stars in the sky and neighboring plants located next to each other. Planting fruit trees first of all requires a human attitude to this living creature

Traditionally, the planting of fruittrees in autumn, when most lose their leaves and prepare for a winter sleep. In this time favorable for planting, the seedlings will less painfully transfer the process of transplantation, and the moisture in the soil for their nutrition will be in sufficient quantity.

Planting of fruit trees begins with a choicegood planting material. Acquisition of seedlings is necessary in well-established nurseries, specialized trade establishments or with good friends who can give a guarantee of quality to seedlings. Now it remains to choose the favoring day for the planting according to the lunar calendar, and it is desirable that it be overcast. If large trees are planted, pits are prepared six to eight days before planting. In the process of digging holes, a layer of fertile character is stored separately, and the rest in the other direction. At the bottom of the prepared pit, drainage from a sand-gravel mixture of medium size should be made. Try to stock up in advance with supporting pegs at the rate of three pieces per tree.

planting large trees
Planting fruit trees requires diggingspacious pits to the root system of seedlings did not feel in crowded conditions, then you need to loosen the fertile soil on the bottom and walls and pour a little water. After a while the water will leave and in its place a nutrient medium of a certain density and moisture is formed, into which the seedling should be lowered. Thus, the root system is in good contact with the fertile soil and moisture and is distributed freely over the fovea. Further it is necessary to make filling up with the remains of fertile soil and then - infertile. After re-watering, you need to take a seedling and lightly shake it several times to compact the soil. Planting of fruit trees can be performed by another method - this is with an earthen lump. It is of great importance to preserve the cover of grass around the tree trunk.