Silicone Adhesive: Brief Description

Silicone glue is a composition that includes a variety of catalysts, hardeners, fillers and dimethylpolysiloxane rubber.

silicone adhesive
The present agent is characterized by increased adhesive and vulcanizing properties. The silicone sealant polymerizes within 24 hours.

Synthetic mass is used inindustry, construction for gluing a variety of surfaces. High adhesion properties of the adhesive contribute to the formation of an ultra-strong molecular bond. As a result, the seams are quite strong. For example, in order to break one cm2 of the sealed slot, it is necessary to apply an effort of 200 kilograms. Silicone adhesive exhibits excellent adhesive properties to most natural and synthetic materials. This glue perfectly glues silicate and organic glass, aluminum, steel, ceramics, polycarbonates, copper and even concrete. Vulcanization of materials is carried out without the release of toxic and corrosive substances. Do not confuse silicate glue with silicone. This, as they say, absolutely different things. Silicate glue is sometimes called "liquid glass" because it represents an aqueous solution of alkali metal polysilicate (sodium and potassium). As a rule, silicate glue is used for gluing cardboard or paper. Strangely enough, the scope of its use is quite wide.

silicone adhesive sealant
This adhesive is used for manufacturingacid-resistant concrete and cement, the preparation of fire retardant paints and coatings for wood, impregnating fabrics, coating welding electrodes, cleaning machine and vegetable oil.

Silicone adhesive should have the following characteristics:

- heat resistance;

- high adhesion to a variety of properties;

- frost resistance;

- resistance to ultraviolet radiation;

- the ability to seal and glue different materials in different combinations;

- high plasticity of the seam;

- durability.

It should be taken into account that the silicone adhesivewith an acidic curing type, when solidified, releases a small amount of acetate acid, which in turn causes destruction and corrosion of non-ferrous metals, marble, and other natural materials. A sealant with a neutral type of curing can be used to glue or seal the bases of any materials, both natural and synthetic, because it does not release aggressive compounds into the external environment. During the curing process, a neutral substance is released: methyl ethyl ketoxime.

silicone sealant for aquarium

The main advantages of silicone glue include the following indicators;

- a wide range of colors;

curing at room temperature;

- high plasticity after curing;

- ease of application;

- strong adhesion to different materials (painted, enamelled steel, glass, aluminum, ceramics, technical plastics).

Silicone adhesive for aquarium - monocomponenthigh-strength glass sealant. Can be used in industrial environments where high-strength bonding is required along with rapid vulcanization and high resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Specialized glue will ensure reliable connection of aquarium parts up to 3500 liters.