How to properly glue the carbon fiber film on the car: the features of the process

Carbon today is excellentan ornament for the car. In addition, the material helps to protect the surface from minor damage (scratches). Carbon film on the hood, as well as on other parts of the machine, consists of carbon threads, which are glued together in a special way. A feature of the presented material is a small mass with high strength. The disadvantage is its cost, so not everyone can afford such a luxury, although it will later be fully paid off.

carbon film on the hood
If you do not know how to properly gluecarbon fiber, first understand the color, the type of material, as well as the place where you are going to fasten it. It should be noted that in this way it is possible to decorate some internal parts of the car. Work should be done as accurately as possible. It is impossible to hurry in this matter, as it is possible to spoil rather expensive material. The surface for gluing should be even. In addition, the choice of easy to make mistakes, because it is difficult to distinguish the original material from the forgery. However, in any case it is able to close small scratches on your car.

how to properly glue a carbon film
Before correctly gluing the carbon film,try to pick up the necessary material in advance. No specific tools are needed. Prepare the film itself, a construction hair dryer, and also clean the area of ​​the machine that will be treated from dust.

Before correctly gluing the carbon film,it is necessary to degrease the surface with isopropyl alcohol or other alcohol. If the machine has any irregularities, then they must be eliminated. For this, a priming agent (primer) can be used. Large areas that will be treated with a film should be warmed up beforehand so that the material adheres better. Small details in this procedure do not need.

So, now you can go directly tosticking. Before correctly gluing the carbon fiber, it is necessary to cut out the element, which in size and shape will fit exactly to the surface to be treated. However, note that on the edges of the hood, doors or trunk, you should cut off the material with a stock, since these elements of the car are very often used. Take into account that the temperature of the air indoors or outdoors should not be less than 5 degrees of heat.

we glue a carbon film with our own hands
Since the material has a substrate, then remove itIt follows only after a careful adjustment of the element. Now wash the area to be treated with soapy water so that air bubbles do not form under the material. In addition, in this case, you can arrange the element as accurately as possible. Now we glue the carbon fiber film with our own hands: we remove the substrate, we have and correct the material on the surface, straighten it with rubber squeegee and warm it with a construction hair dryer. Note that the smoothing of the element follows from the middle to the edges. Straightens the film very carefully.

Once the entire element is glued,again walk on it with a hair dryer and leave alone for a quarter of an hour. After that, iron the surface with a felt squeegee, cut off the rest of the material and enjoy the beauty of your car.