The design of the bath is 4 by 5 meters. Baths from a beam and blocks

In our country, baths have always enjoyed considerablehonor. It was believed that bath procedures can cure not only the body, but also the soul, to give energy and strength. Properly executed layout of the premises is able to provide the owner and his family with sufficient comfort.

project of the bath 4 on 5 of the blocks

The design of the bathhouse is 4 to 5

If the site is small, andto place on it you need several objects, then the project of a bath with a wide scope here is inappropriate. But despite the limited space, all owners want to build a comfortable and comfortable building. It is in this case, it is worth considering the project of the bathhouse 4 by 5 meters.

the project of a bath 4 on 5


The bath of medium size (4х5 meters) has the following advantages

  • Dimensions of this bath do not require a lot of space, which allows it to be erected on almost any private plot.
  • This structure can be located as a separate structure or be an extension to existing premises.
  • The layout of the bath allows not only to conveniently accommodate all the necessary rooms, but also to provide a sufficient size of the steam room so that several people can comfortably fit in it at a time.
  • The design of a 4 by 5 bath can include not onlythe presence of a steam room, but also a shower and a sink, a bathroom, a small pool, a rest room, which can be combined with a waiting room if desired, and even a small vestibule. All that needs to be done is to place all the rooms correctly relative to each other.
  • The compact and convenient design of the 4 on 5 bath has a fairly simple design. For its construction, you can use a bar or blocks.
  • To build such a bath is not difficult, which is a pleasant bonus to the functionality and comfort of this structure.

sauna 4 for 5 project of timber

Bathhouse 4 to 5: project of a bar

Traditionally, baths were built from logs, but todayThe owners of the plots prefer the cheaper material - the timber. It is endowed with all the qualities of natural wood, while construction will be done in a fairly short time and with minimal costs.

Despite the relatively small sizethis project, it provides all the most necessary facilities - washing room, steam room and toilet. The entrance to the bath is located in such a way that a person immediately gets to the waiting room, where you can freely take off your clothes, and also relax during breaks or after bath procedures.

On one side of the waiting room is locatedstove-heater, and on the other - the entrance to the toilet. The shower and toilet is shared by a common wall, which is convenient for the installation of water supply and sewage systems of the bath. When considering the presented layout, it is possible to single out the following advantages:

  • A fairly spacious steam room, in which at the same time can sweat up to 3-4 people. When leaving the steam room, visitors can take water treatments.
  • In the wash there is a shower enclosed by a wall.
  • Conveniently located toilet.
  • The dressing room serves as a rest room and a place for servicing the stove. In addition, it is a reliable barrier against the ingress of cold air into the building from the street.
  • Due to the simplicity of the construction, it is possible to build such a bath without your own difficulties with your own hands.

The negative factors of this project can be attributed to the fact that there is no complete rest room.

Baths from blocks

The popularity of baths from blocks is explained quite simply: their construction is affordable even for people who do not have high incomes.

The standard design of the bath 4 on 5 of the blocks includes:

  • Tambour, combined with a waiting room. In some projects, they can be separated by a door, but this reduces the space.
  • Steam room. It is the main bath room. It is here that all health procedures are carried out.
  • A washing room in which a shower cubicle or a shower with a tray is installed, benches.
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