Emergency services. Emergency service of electric networks. Vodokanal emergency service

It is good, if in the house all communications workregularly. However, there are often cases when there is a breakdown on the power line or gas (water) pipe. Recently, natural disasters have also become frequent, which harm not only communications but also people. In order to eliminate all the malfunctions, their consequences, and also to save people's lives, emergency services are needed. Among them, it is possible to allocate gas, rescue, and also organizations on repair of water pipes and gas lines.

What is the emergency service and what functions does it perform?

First, we will deal with the very concept. Emergency services are special formations that are constantly ready to go to the place of breakdown or an emergency and to eliminate it. Naturally, all transport and technical means of these teams should be serviceable 24 hours a day.

emergency services

The services should perform the following tasks:

  • Control the serviced objects for timely detection of breakdowns or malfunctions.
  • Quickly respond to citizens' appeal. That is, the repair team must immediately go to the call, discover the cause of the failure and eliminate it.
  • Perform their duties to save lives and human health, its property, as well as to eliminate emergency situations and their consequences.

Naturally, each service has a list of more specific responsibilities.

Who can work in the team?

All employees must be qualified andhave appropriate theoretical and practical training. The moral qualities of workers are very important. For example, they should try, in any case, to provide the maximum possible assistance.

And gas workers, and electricians, and rescuers shouldhave a certain profile education. Important is the professional category of the employee. Every employee should know that he is responsible for the life and health of people, so he must take responsibility responsibly to his duties.

Emergency services are completed by persons over 18years. A labor contract is concluded with them, in which their duties, rights, wages and other conditions are prescribed. Preference is given to people with high moral qualities, persistent mentality, ability to act effectively in an emergency situation, and also with good physical data. For example, in order to become a rescuer, it is necessary that a psychologist and a psychiatrist confirm that a person is fit for such a service.

emergency power network service

Features of professional electricians

So, now we will understand more in detail with activityeach service separately. If you can replace a light bulb, that's good. However, not everyone knows how, and they have the right to try to build a new wiring or repair a fault on the central line. This is the emergency service of the electricity network. Here there are qualified professionals who have passed the certification and have practical experience.

The presented service performs the following functions:

  • at any time of the day and night visits emergency calls to eliminate any malfunctions on the central line or in the home wiring;
  • repairs equipment or replaces cables in private houses, apartments or industrial facilities;
  • establishes means of protection: sensors, stabilizers, generators;
  • checks the efficiency of the power line, performs its full or partial diagnostics;
  • collects and mounts shields; In addition, experts connect the electrical equipment (cookers, water heaters).

Features of the gas service

emergency gas service
It should be noted that working in this organizationcan only those people who know the technology of gas hazardous activities. In addition, they should be able to use a gas mask and other means of protection.

Let's consider the main tasks that the emergency gas service should perform:

  1. Ensuring the effective and safe operation of highways and pipelines, as well as other equipment.
  2. Continuous monitoring of the state of the gas parameters that enters the system.
  3. Immediate response to the appeal of the population and repair of equipment, elimination of leaks and other malfunctions.
  4. Installation of units operating on blue fuel, both in private residential buildings and in industrial buildings.

What should a repair team be equipped with?

In order for the work to be performed qualitatively, employees should have such devices:

  • explosion-proof lamps, as well as other personal protective equipment;
  • manometers;
  • instruments for determining the level of gas contamination in a room, industrial building or other structure;
  • tool for working with pipes, as well as the most common parts, with which you can carry out repairs;
  • fire extinguishers;
  • insulating and lubricating materials.

All work carried out by emergency services is necessarily recorded in the protocols. Technical documentation should be stored in archives for a certain time.

Vodokanal emergency service

Features of the work and functions of the emergency crew of the water canal

Very often in industrial facilities,centralized highways, private houses or apartments there are breakthroughs of water pipes or sewage blockages. If the breakdown is not significant, then you can handle them yourself. However, there are cases when an emergency service of a water canal is required.

Specialists of the brigade perform such functions:

  1. Immediately respond to the call.
  2. Establish the cause of the failure and eliminate it: breakdown or rupture of the pipe, replacement of the main parts.
  3. Eliminate large clogs in sewer systems.
  4. Connect the water supply to the building or turn it off.
  5. They carry out planned quality control of water supply for residential and non-residential premises.

Principles of work of the rescue team

emergency rescue service
This service performs a variety of typesworks. However, the main goal of her activity is saving lives and health of people who are in an emergency situation (explosion of residential and non-residential buildings, earthquakes, fires, floods and other disasters).

In their work, the staff of the service should be guided by the following principles:

  • mandatory for rescue activities;
  • mercy, humanism and the priority of human life;
  • ensuring the safety of employees and other people present during the events;
  • work with minimal harm to the environment.

Each employee of the team should know and clearly perform their duties.

The main functions of rescuers

emergency phone

The most important task to be performedemergency rescue service, is directly involved in the emergency response. If we consider the functions of the presented organization in more detail, then among them one can single out the following:

  • constant control over potentially dangerous objects;
  • prevention and liquidation of emergency situations;
  • protection of the territory and citizens from the occurrence of any danger of anthropogenic or natural character;
  • training of the population.

Everyone should know the emergency telephone number. One for all organizations is number 112. However, each service has its own telephone:

  • firefighters - 101 (01);
  • first aid - 103 (03);
  • the police - 102 (02);
  • service of gas - 104 (04).

As for the numbers of electricians and employees of the water canal, they need to be recognized in the city where you live, since they do not have a common telephone.