Motoblock from "Cadwi": characteristics, information about the unit

For all farmers and farmers without exceptionthe most important in the work is to reduce labor costs and increase efficiency from own activities. In this regard, for the fulfillment of a variety of tasks, landowners actively use special machinery - motorized units. In the article we will talk about the unit from the manufacturer of JSC "Kadvili" - motoblock, which has been produced for a long period of time. Consider this machine in more detail.

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general information

What is "Cadvi"? Motoblock of this enterprise, the abbreviation of which means "Kaluga Engine", is a sample of high quality and reliability. The device is able to perform many different tasks and at the same time has the optimal technical characteristics for this. In the efficiency of the unit you can be confident, because behind the manufacturer's colossal experience of creating such machines.

The most popular model

The most popular in the consumer environmentis a motoblock from the "Cadvi" - "Ugra NMB-1." This device is equipped with various attachments, thanks to which there is an excellent opportunity to perform a huge list of works: mowing the grass, plowing the earth, digging and planting potatoes, harvesting snow, transporting loads and so on. The machine has two power take-off shafts. Due to them the motoblock is versatile and can be connected even to such a device as a water pump.

repair of motor blocks

Separate attention deserves a boxgear change and gearbox. They consist of high-strength steel gears, the clutch is made on the basis of disks made of cermets. This solution significantly increased the reliability of the entire structure and reduced the need to frequently repair the motor blocks. In total, the designers have three gears for driving forward and one back.


Motoblock from the "Cadwi" is equipped with an easily adjustablea steering column. Moreover, it can be exposed as necessary, both vertically and horizontally. In addition, vibration protection is also available. Be sure to point out the fact that Ugra is the only Russian motorized unit that fully meets all European requirements and safety standards.

For convenience, engineers have created a left handlestop the red motor, into the lever to block the reverse clutch - black. This allows the operator to immediately navigate in an extreme situation.


"Cadbury" motoblock "NMB-1" is not too different fromtheir "colleagues" and predecessors in their external design. Essential changes have undergone only a food system. Above the wheels are installed special protective wings, which serve to protect the legs of the worker during the operation of the machine, as well as to prevent the ingress of dirt on a person. The dismantling of these wings is not difficult, it can be done independently, without outside help.

motoblock of the cadvas ugra

The motoblock is still good and in that it has an ignition interlock, which is represented by a handle. Clutch is created in the form of a cable system, with no problems adjustable if necessary.

Numerous user reviews say that"НМБ-1" is equipped with a very simple and convenient filter for cleaning fuel. The layout of the machine is such that this element does not in any way touch any hot parts of the engine or gasoline tank.

Model 1Н9

This modification can solve many problems. It is equipped with a power unit of the firm "Lifan", which unequivocally puts it in a favorable light before consumers. By itself, the unit is quite heavy, and therefore it is quite possible to operate it even on the most complex types of soils. The machine is perfectly balanced and can easily overcome slopes and elevations.

Repair of motor blocks of this model is extremelyrarely, because all the elements of the device differ in strength and high safety factor. All this, of course, guarantees a quick payback of the motoblock.

Engine power is 7 horsepower. In the process of work, it does not create unnecessary noise and vibration, spends fuel economically. Also, the motor is equipped with an electronic ignition system, which gives a chance to run it without problems even after a very long idle time.

Transportation of the Ugra motoblock does not cause any difficulties, since it can be easily disassembled into components and folds in the trunk of almost any car.


The unit includes:

  • Cultivator.
  • Connector parts that prevent the winding of grass during operation.
  • Disks for plant protection, thanks to which work in the garden will flow easier, because the user will not worry about the fact that he will damage the flowers.

In general, the same? the motoblock from "Cadvi", whose price ranges from 30 000 to 40 000 thousand Russian rubles, depending on the model, fully justifies itself and the means invested in its purchase.