Fighting mites in the suburban area

When the dacha season begins (early May),There is an increase in the activity of ticks-small insects that live in soil, foliage and burrows of various animals. For people, they are quite dangerous, because they endure deadly diseases. That is why the fight against ticks should be conducted in a timely manner. It should begin at the beginning of spring, when insects multiply, and end in the middle of summer, when mites actively search for food and can attack people.

Protection from some species of these insects canserve special clothing, as well as protective nets or repellents. However, in most cases, they can be protected from them using only complex methods.

To date, there is a largenumber of drugs from different parasites. Ticks must be treated with synthetic pyrethroid for clothing or with DETA, in order to apply to the skin. Pyrethrin is also found in chamomile, for example, in Caucasian or Dalmatian, so such plants can be planted on a site to repel insects.

For the treatment of the suburban area is recommendeduse insecto-acaricide drugs such as "Cyphox", "Cypermethrin", or checkers. They are sprayed with the help of cold fog generators. These means handle bushes, grass, trees, as well as fences and other elements. Fighting mites is carried out in dry, warm weather, because in this case the preparations crystallize on the foliage and other surfaces properly. Insects are very sensitive to hexohlorane smoke, so they almost completely disappear in a day. It is necessary to cleanse insects two to three times per season.

I must say that all drugs should be used strictly according to the instructions.

Also for the destruction of mites, dust is used,carbofox or hexachlorane emulsions. They are sprayed in the spring after the melting of snow, then the fight with the mites on the site will be quite effective. In addition, the treatment is repeated after the appearance of vegetation.

It should be noted that, by processing a path,means against spider-like insects need to be applied not only to it itself, but also to the site. In addition, you need to regularly cut lawns, rake the fallen leaves, that is, do everything to ensure that there are no plant debris on the site. It is possible to make a barrier around the territory, pouring a strip of gravel or sawdust with a width of one meter.

It must be said that the fight against ticks isa somewhat complex process, since their habitats have never been reliably known. That is why it is recommended to destroy them not only in the places of repeated infection, but also where isolated cases were observed. In addition, many environmentalists claim that today there are no such chemicals that are safe for human health. However, in our time without such drugs it is impossible to conduct a complete cleaning of the territory from arachnid insects and other pests, therefore it is recommended to use protective suits when spraying chemicals at your dacha.

Thus, the destruction of ticks on the siteshould be made somewhat earlier than the moment when their active reproduction begins. After processing two, or better three times for the entire season, you can achieve good and sustainable results. And do not forget that birds are good protectors against insects, so by making several feeders in the country, you can thereby provide additional protection against ticks. In any case, in combating pests and insects methods should be used in a complex, only then they will be effective.