Silicone oil: characteristics and application

Silicone oil belongs to the whole classproducts, which is used in a wide range of activities. The term "silicone" refers to an entire group of organosilicon compounds. It originated from the name of silicon in the periodic table of elements ("Silicium").

Silicone oil
Silicone oil belongs to the groupsilicone fluids and there are different types that have different viscosity, freezing point and boiling point. These substances are odorless and colorless, resistant to water and most aggressive physical and chemical factors that destroy other materials of organic origin. Silicone oils are heat resistant and practically do not burn. They themselves do not influence at all or influence very little on materials such as plastic, paint, rubber, living organisms and tissues. Silicone fluids have excellent electrical insulating and hydrophobic properties.

This combination of useful physical and chemicalproperties is very rare. This is due to the fact that silicone oil and other products based on organosilicon compounds have such a wide scope of application.

Silicone oil pms 200
They are used to make: asphalt, lubricants of various types, additives for various oils, damper and hydraulic fluids with a wide range of temperature conditions. In cooking and the food industry, they are used to prevent the foaming of jams and jams.

Highly purified sterile silicone oilis actively used in medicine. Silicone fluids are also used to impregnate upholstery fabrics and clothing, in various equipment and high-precision instruments, as well as in films that cover the surfaces of vessels for storing drugs sensitive to contact with glass. Silicone oil is a part of many cosmetics, paints, automotive and furniture polishes. It is difficult to list all areas of application of this product.

Silicone Oils
After treatment of various surfacesSilicone polishes form a thin film on them, which has excellent water and dust repellent properties. After such an impact, dirt can be easily removed from the surface.

One of the most popular organosiliconproducts is silicone oil PMS-200 (polymethylsiloxane). It is used as anti-adhesive lubricant, antifoam, lubricant, additive to plastics and surfactants. PMS-200 is also used as a dielectric in electrical equipment, for the production of cosmetics and other purposes. For one product - just a huge range.

Highly purified silicone oils alsoThey are used as cushioning liquids for sensitive devices, which increase their accuracy. A competently matched product eliminates jumps and jittering arrows, even if the equipment is subjected to vibration. It will also help to reduce the vibration of flywheels in various types of engines.