Laminate repair with their own hands indiscriminately: features, methods and recommendations

Laminate is a material thatis quite resistant to wear, but even on it with time, defects may appear on the type of cracks, chips, blisters and scratches. Such problems can be caused by a violation of the laying technology. Faced with the similar trouble can be when the floor covering is not properly maintained. However, laminate repair with their own hands can be carried out indiscriminately. To carry out such manipulations, there are several ways, they will be discussed below.

laminate repair by hand, indiscriminately

Eliminating Scratches

If you move furniture without usingspecial substrates or drop heavy objects on the floor, scratches may appear on the laminate. Sometimes this happens even with the most careful handling of the coating. The appearance of the laminate can be restored quite simply, but if the scratches are deep enough, the only correct solution is the replacement of the damaged boards. Laminate repair with their own hands can be conducted indiscriminately.

In order to exclude the probabilitythe appearance of scratches on the laminate, you must use a substrate under the legs of furniture. In addition, before moving through the laminate in the shoes, you should make sure that it is perfectly clean, since the grains that adhere to the sole can generate a lot of scratches. Laminate should be regularly cleaned using the recommended means.

repair laminate own ways of repair

For reference

The easiest solution to eliminate scratcheswax crayons act, they are suitable for small flaws. You can buy in the store and a special putty, it is suitable for eliminating deeper errors. The latter is useful in the repair of chips.

laminate repair with their own hands indiscriminately

Recommendations for work

If you decide to repair the laminate with your own hands indiscriminately, you should prepare:

  • a vacuum cleaner;
  • putty knife;
  • repair kit.

The first step is to make sure thatThe repair kit corresponds to the color of the floor covering. If the scratches are too deep, you can simply replace the damaged boards. To seal a few scratches will take about 15 minutes.

If you have purchased wax crayons, then a scratch on theThe first step must be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and after applying the remedy. With the help of dry rags, excess wax is removed from the surface, and after the base is polished. If the scratch was too deep and you were not satisfied with the result, then you can fill the error with putty.

laminate repair how to remove scratches

Use of putty

Home masters today quite oftenthe laminate is repaired. With your own hands, the main problems can be eliminated. To do this, also used putty. Before going to the store, you need to prepare a piece of laminate, which will act as a model for choosing a shade. On quality, it is not worth saving, this is especially the case when you have to deal with deep scratches.

laminate repair by own hands the main problems

Tips for the home master

To fill scratches paste is necessaryuse a spatula. At first it is recommended to use as a training cut the laminate board, and then proceed to work with a floor covering. Excess paste is removed with a clean cloth, after which the restored area is left to dry for 2 hours.

repair and restoration of laminate with their own hands

Elimination of bloated indiscriminate sex

You can repair yourselflaminate flooring. How to remove scratches, chips, blisters, you can find out if you read the article. When all the floor covering is disassembled there is no need or desire, it is possible to replace a separate section, which was swollen during operation. To do this, use a circular saw. In each corner of the damaged lamella, it is necessary to drill holes, retreating from the edges of the product approximately 1.5 cm. This will eliminate the possibility of damage to neighboring lamellas.

In the next step, the holes are made along thelong sides of the board, the distance between them should be 25 cm. Pencil should draw a line that will connect the holes. The master will adjust the depth of the cutting with a saw so that it corresponds to the thickness of the laminate. If this recommendation is neglected, the floor can be damaged.

If you need to repair the laminatewith your own hands indiscriminately, the methods of carrying out these works you must necessarily study. One of them is the use of an electric saw. On the drawn line at the next stage it is necessary to make a saw cut, starting from the center. In order to cut off the short sides of the board, you should use a knife. The inner part of the swollen element is removed, as are the remnants of the damaged lamellae. The site is well cleaned of dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner. Neighboring boards should remain in good condition, otherwise they can also be removed.

With the help of a sharp knife, the lower partlock for a new product. This applies to the short and long sides. On the perimeter of the laminate board, carpentry glue is applied, the lamella is laid in place. With a clean rag, the excess glue can be removed by placing the load on top so that the board fits well in one position.

how to repair laminate blister swelling

Recommendations for repairing the laminate with crevices and creaks

If in time you notice that the laminate has becometo make a creak, and between its lamellas there were cracks, it is possible to try to correct a situation. Such defects can occur if the mounting of the strips was carried out with the help of a locking connection. In the process of operation, some parts of the coating are displaced.

With slots you can fight on the same technology,as well as with scratches. They are masked with a wax or change the damaged area. The new strips can be fixed with glue, without using a lock joint. This will achieve greater reliability. Sometimes specialists use self-tapping screws.

Repair and restoration of a laminate by own handsquite often carried out by home masters. If you notice the occurrence of kinks, then you will not be able to restore the bars, they will need to be changed. For this purpose, the cover is partially disassembled, and afterwards new lamellas are installed on the released zones. This should be taken care of even at the stage of purchasing a floor covering, providing a stock of material. If you want, that restoration was not necessary for a long time, it is necessary to observe all rules of packing of a cover initially. They assume the need for technical gaps. In addition, care must be taken when operating.

Elimination of lamella collision

If you are thinking about the question of howrepair laminate, swelling, chipped because it can occur even on a high-quality coating, you should know that the material described in the article can face the problem of collision of neighboring planks. This problem is also called a swelling, as well as the one that occurs when the material gets wet. In this case, the joint becomes V-shaped.

It is best to take care of this at the stagestacking. To do this, leave a gap between the wall and the floor covering, in which case the boards will have room for expansion. Repairing the floor covering will be quite simple. For this, the adjacent lamella is dismantled and sawn in the longitudinal direction. Depending on the height of the swelling, you can remove about 5 cm. If the swelling does not disappear, then put heavy objects on the surface, leaving them for a day.

You, of course, can carry out repairslaminate flooring with their own hands. Methods of repair are described in the article. However, it is still possible to prevent such a need. To do this, fixing the skirting board should not be carried out to the floor. In this case, the lamellae can not expand. In addition, such a coating is a floating floor, so it should not be strengthened to the baseboards or the base. Along all walls during installation it is necessary to lay spacer wedges which will allow to keep a backlash between a laminate and walls.


Laminate - beautiful, but pretty whimsicalcoating. In the process of exploitation, it sometimes also stratifies. In order to avoid such problems, it is not recommended to wash the floor with a soap solution or water. For cleaning it is best to use special means, which are called laminate cleaners.

Laminate repair with own hands indiscriminatelyIt is possible to implement, but it is necessary to try to avoid such a need. To do this, the coating should be properly tended. A special compound is applied to the surface, and then the substrate is wiped with a dry non-abrasive cloth. If water has been spilled onto the floor, it should be wiped with a dry rag. Each minute will increase the risk of stratification of the coating. If this happens, then the boards will have to be changed completely or partially.