Security GSM-alarm for the apartment: reviews. Installation of GSM-signaling and video surveillance in the apartment

The means of protection of the house today are represented by a widea spectrum of devices, most of which are electronic systems. With a competent approach to the selection and installation of such equipment it is not difficult to protect property from an attacker. Apartments in this respect provide less room for the technical implementation of security services, but this direction has long been mastered by specialists. The optimal solution can be GSM-alarm for the apartment, complemented by video surveillance. There are plenty of configurations and technical solutions for such systems, and knowing the intricacies of installation and keeping user feedback in mind will make the right decision.

What is attractive about GSM-signaling

gsm alarm for the apartment

Signaling of this type has many advantages, inincluding high efficiency and the ability to calculate the project specifically for a specific facility. That is, you do not have to install a complex technical complex, which provides a lot of unnecessary options. You can protect a separate entrance door, a window or an exit to the balcony. It turns out partial protection, but it is quite functional, if it is a question of the first and last floor. In this case, installation of video surveillance is especially relevant. Cameras, in particular, are installed under the visors, at the entrances to the basement and in other areas important from the point of view of protection. If the GSM alarm is selected for an apartment located on one of the middle floors, then it is quite possible to limit the introduction of the detector to the front door. Another advantage of GSM systems is their multifunctionality. It is about the auxiliary capabilities, but they also help improve the efficiency of the operation of the apartment. In particular, the alarm system can not only protect property from robbery, but also become a tool to track gas leaks, smoke spread and temperature control.

Completion of equipment

security alarm gsm for the apartment

The list of basic components can be includeddetectors, sensors, as well as a control panel. There are different types of devices and ways of configuring these elements in the project. Also in recent years, has gained popularity GSM-alarm for an apartment on batteries, which has the advantage over traditional devices of this type. Such systems are distinguished by the possibility of maintaining the operating mode even with the electricity disconnected. Accordingly, the equipment in this case expands due to its own batteries.

Such devices are more often used in summer cottages,Since the absence of hosts does not allow monitoring the supply of equipment. However, in urban apartments, such a decision will be justified when the family leaves the housing, for example, on vacation. Also the standard set includes a siren. Typically, these devices are designed to deter intruders and attract the attention of neighbors. The siren can be wired or wireless.

Supplement in the form of a surveillance system

In elite homes, video surveillance has becomean indispensable condition in security systems. But more and more owners of real estate in ordinary houses choose the same addition. In addition to protection from thieves, GSM-signaling with a video camera for the apartment will allow to monitor suspicious phenomena and in normal operation, which is important from the point of view of crime prevention. True, and the cost of equipment in this configuration often doubles the estimate for all alarms.

gsm alarm for apartment reviews

Modern cameras are able to work in differentmodes, including automatically take pictures. For the apartment you should immediately choose from room types of equipment. The most advantageous will be the acquisition of 3D cameras that record on an SD memory card. This compact equipment, capable of performing almost all tasks for fixing what is happening in the premises. Also, GSM security alarm for an apartment can be connected to a street camera, if it is necessary to provide third-party monitoring of the house. To such cameras, additional requirements should be made for mechanical resistance and tolerance of equipment to temperature differences.


Alarm allows you to solve security tasksapartments of different sizes and layouts. Flexibility of installation also refers to its advantages. The same applies to functionality. An undemanding owner of a small odnushki can order a kit with one motion sensor, which will allow to control the entrance. A classic example is the GSM-signaling on the door of an apartment with a motion sensor. More demanding owners, manufacturers offer systems in which the possibility of protecting window openings by impact sensors, leakage protection, electrical control function and other useful options is realized. The most advanced models to some extent resemble the equipment of "smart" houses. In one complex, a multi-level security system is implemented, which together with this facilitates the management of household appliances.

Designing systems

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Even high-quality installation of modern andfunctional alarm does not guarantee a minimum level of protection if the design was performed with errors. To exclude miscalculations, you should first determine the questions about the type of GSM signaling and its capabilities. Next, the configuration of the interaction of system components and the placement of devices is formed. The most important point in the project is the way of organization. It can be a stand-alone GSM alarm for an apartment, wireless or wired. In the first case, a system consisting of several elements that function independently is assumed. Wired complex refers to the classic options and is cheaper than others. The most perfect type is wireless signaling - in this case all sensors interact with the central console using a radio signal. Further, the places where the greatest risk of penetration of the attacker is assumed are calculated. It is best to organize a multi-level system, the elements of which will function on the balcony, and near the front door, and in the premises where the valuable property is located.


installation of gsm alarm and video surveillance in the apartment

Installation of equipment for signaling is notrequires special skills. As a rule, kits contain all fasteners and locks for high-quality installation in any apartment. It is enough to arm yourself with a basic set of tools. Each sensor is mounted at a point invisible to the outside eye. The implantation is carried out with the help of screws or dowels. If you plan to install GSM-signaling and video surveillance in a flat wireless type, then you do not have to connect it - in this case, only adjustment is required. Control panels and video cameras require a special approach, since their connection to the network is mandatory. For ease of installation, some manufacturers also supply kits with DIN rails. This allows you to install the equipment accurately and without unnecessary changes in the finish.

Setting up systems

Almost all modern kits includesetting via computer. To this end, programs are developed that allow you to conveniently configure each sensor for the necessary work parameters. Initially, it is necessary to provide with which cellular operators the controller operates, from which the user will receive messages at the moments of alarm. In addition, security alarm systems for GSM-signaling for an apartment can assume a different management method. According to many users, remote controls are most convenient. These are the original keys, through which the setting for the security mode and disabling of the equipment is carried out.

Firms and prices

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First of all, you should refer to products,specially designed for installation in apartments. Such kits, in particular, are offered by Mabox. The assortment provides for all popular types of sensors, including motion, shock, light and sound sensors. There are more advanced features, such as audiomonitoring and a built-in microphone. In the mid-range GSM-alarm for the apartment Mabox is estimated at 9-10 thousand rubles. Also in the segment of equipment for private use in demand systems from Express and Sapsan. This product differs in that it is already possible to find inexpensive systems in budget bundles that allow sending messages to 3 numbers. The cost of these offers varies from 7 to 10 thousand rubles.

Positive feedback on GSM alarms

Such systems are worthy of attention forreason, which is a compromise option for ordinary citizens. Such an alarm system is inexpensive and at the same time the principle of its operation is simple and effective. In practice, the use is also noted of the functionality that GSM-signaling for an apartment has. The owners' feedback shows that the devices facilitate the operation of home appliances and provide control over gas and water leaks. Especially important is the importance of these functions in families where there are children. Positively speak about alarms and people who have to use video surveillance. GSM-controllers have great opportunities for integration, so in terms of combining with other security systems, this is one of the best options.

Negative feedback about alarms

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The simple principle of action became the reason andlack of equipment. Many owners are alarmed by the statements of experts about the vulnerabilities of this type of signaling. In particular, the use of so-called jammers can negate all the advantages of the equipment. However, the modern security alarm system GSM for the apartment also provides this nuance. Manufacturers use antilogs, but, in most cases, this refers to costly models. Another problem that users complain about is false positives. The presence of a large number of sensors in the apartment from this point of view does not benefit, as the probability of in vain anxiety of the host increases.


Among the electronic protection technologies, GSMis one of the most popular. It can not be called perfect or technically advanced, but the affordable price and good functionality determined its success in the market. The advantages that GSM-signaling for an apartment possesses include the possibility of an almost unlimited increase in its reliability. Formation by the principle of independent components allows you to organize a network of sensors, which in a small apartment will not allow you to go unnoticed even to a cat. Another thing is that each element increases the cost of equipment by several thousand. And this is not speaking of a video surveillance system, which requires both a special connection and costs for operation. Nevertheless, there are practically no more decent options than GSM-signaling in the modern market. In any case, for the same money.