Paint chalk: types, scope

Everyone who knows how and likes to draw is known aswith the help of colors it is possible to realize the design ideas. For example, the chalk paint can give new life to interior objects or help draw a bright congratulation, which can then be washed off with water, almost on any surface. The substance is environmentally friendly, it does not harm health, therefore it can be used even in living quarters. Paint is sold in specialized stores, and you can cook it yourself at home.

chalk paint in cans

Cretaceous aerosol paint

Sometimes a bright and original solution is needed onlyfor a while. Just for such cases, chalk paint is used in cans. If you think that this option does not suit you, then you should definitely get acquainted with the ideas of the design of cars, sidewalks, playgrounds.

Factory paint chalk in cans has the following characteristics:

  1. The surface area, which can be painted with one canister, is up to one and a half square meters.
  2. One bottle contains 150 ml of a colorant in the form of an aerosol.
  3. As a rule, paints of different manufacturers are developed for specific surfaces, so it is important to choose the best option.
  4. The limit of finding paint in cans on the painted surface is not there, it all depends on the specific situation.
  5. Paint chalky perfectly tolerates sharp changes in temperature.
  6. Factory paint in cans passes several stages of quality control and safety.
  7. The composition is well washed from clothes and fabrics, if in the course of work you get dirty.

At the base of aerosol paints contain glue and chalk. During the use of chalk paint in cans, the product did not cause complaints from consumers.

chalky aerosol paint

Application of chalk paint in cans

You can buy this paint for a significantdevelopments. Each holiday will be brighter if you use an aerosol paint that is washed off with water. With its help you can draw on cars, interior items, fences, asphalt. After the end of the celebration, the paint can be washed off easily with water. Temporary paint will help everyone to show their creative abilities.

In addition, chalk paint in cylinders can be used for:

  • temporary sports marking;
  • signal markup;
  • marks on the floor in production premises;
  • markup for thematic events on the square or road;
  • road marking for temporary use;
  • marking on construction sites.

The advantage of this paint is that it dries very quickly, and after the end of the measures it is easily washed off with water. Also it is worth noting that for a bright hue one color of paint is enough.

Apply paint to the surface using a stencil or special equipment, depending on the purpose of the composition.

chalk paint

How to make a paint yourself

Cretaceous paint is called a matte surface,which is obtained after drying. In the interior it looks very impressive, especially if you give the surface the effect of antiquity. Cretaceous paint, made by hand, does not differ from the factory color in quality. Preparation of the composition does not require complex components and equipment.

How to make chalky paint at home:

  1. Connect one part of the water-based paint, one third of the water, the plaster - 3 spoons.
  2. Mix all ingredients until a uniform consistency is obtained.
  3. If the paint is too thick, dilute the composition with water, if the composition is too liquid, it is recommended to add a little bit of plaster.

How can I use chalk paint in the interior?

With the help of chalk paint, you can refine andrefresh the interior. For example, it is perfect for painting furniture and creating the effect of an aged surface. In addition, you can paint this composition of individual parts and interior elements.

If it seems to you that the surface afterthe staining was not bright enough, you can apply a warm wax on it when the paint has dried. This will help to look painted objects much more effectively and colorfully. In addition, the wax helps to artificially age the surface if necessary, and vintage items in the interior are very relevant today.

chalk paint

Reviews about chalk paint

Many have already used this type ofdye. This is a very convenient option for marking for various citywide or school events. The application of paint does not require special efforts (in comparison with marking with conventional chalk). Also worth noting is the attractive prices for paint in cans. With the help of chalk aerosols, many congratulate relatives, painting cars on their birthday or wedding. However, some note that the paint is not always easily washed off and can leave marks on the enamel. In this regard, before buying a paint is to clarify this issue with the seller.