The original curtain, or what is a gauze

When decorating a window opening in a house is oftenthe question arises: what, apart from traditional curtains and curtains, you can use in the interior? Take a closer look at the thread analogues. Their second name is gauze. Photos of such curtains are found on the web, they are sold in stores. It is worth getting acquainted with these products.

what is a gauze

Kisei in the modern interior

Original curtains of thread came from the East, wherein the hot days they draped the open doors, in order to avoid immodest views. The invention attracted the Europeans and safely moved to houses where there was not so much sun. What is a gauze in modern interpretation? This is, first of all, a beautiful home decor. Initially, the thread curtains framed only the doorway. The Europeans went further and began to apply them instead of the curtains on the windows, to zoning the room, as a beautiful accessory in addition to the traditional textiles for windows and doors.

muslin photos

Types of material

Kisei complements the interior of the premises in anydesign. What is a gauze for the style of "Provence"? This is an additional decor of the windows complete with the usual curtains and curtains. For the style of "minimalism" the muslin in the interior adds charm as an alternative to bored blinds or roller blinds. In the classic interior of threaded curtains with beads, you get a luxurious fresh frame of the window.

Kisein curtains are available in several types:

  • monochromatic;
  • iridescent;
  • with additional decor beads;
  • "noodles";
  • with lurex thread;
  • with additional decorations of paillettes;
  • curtains-feathers.

gauze in the interior

Kisei for different rooms

Blind curtains are chosen based on the goals,which must be achieved, the color scheme and the room where the muslin will be placed. If you choose a gauze for the living room, you should think about the need for curtains. Nitty decor lets light pass much better than any curtain, and if there is not enough light in the room, the white muslin curtains will come in handy. If there is a desire to use threads with beads, paillettes or lurex, they will not only be functional, they will also decorate the window opening, but on sunny days they will scatter solar bunnies, in short, they will give sparkling joy.

In the bedroom muslin will help create a romanticmood. Hang the gauze around the bed on a flexible cornice and close it when you please - the canopy effect is provided. Color the threads to match the whole environment. If the bedroom is aged in pastel colors, the muslin from the rainbow collection, where the tone of one color varies from saturated to almost imperceptible, will do.

gauze in the kitchen

Kisei as an additional decorativeelement is used in any room. In the form of a svag, it can be laid on the cornice, and it will perfectly shade the color of the curtains, while it will look easy without overloading the space. An interesting decorative effect is obtained by the joint use of thread curtains and curtains of organza. Contrasting in color, the threads on the background of the light curtain create a spectacular decor. And if the windows look out on the sunny side, in the summer days the dark muslin will soften the bright sun.

What is a gauze for the kitchen? Excellent utilitarian window decor! Unlike textile curtains, thread curtains are much more practical:

  • do not collect dust, dirt;
  • do not absorb kitchen odors;
  • quickly erased;
  • quickly dry;
  • Do not need additional fitting under the window opening - enough to cut off excess length;
  • are inexpensive and have a wide range of

how to hang a gauze

Kisei in the kitchen will decorate the interior and make everyday life a little easier.

Decor for thread curtains

Any new fashion develops with its activeintroduction into everyday life, except for the faded. Photos of different applications are presented both in hand-made forums and in stores. It is worth paying attention to additional accessories: picks, clips, additional beads. All this allows you to make the interior exclusive and give a push to your idea for decorating a window or interior doorway. Using a filament shade as a base and applying the technique of macrame, you can create your own masterpiece for decorating the house.

what is a gauze

How to hang a gauze

What is the gauze on closer inspection, beforehow is she on the cornice? Kiseinaya curtain is a separate thread, collected on one side knitted tape. Knitted tape can already be sewn, and if you only pass through the cornice - you can immediately put it in place. But more often than not, minimal effort is required to bring the muslin curtain into working order, in order to use it for several years. The best way is to sew the curtain tape to the dense knitted edge, take it for the length of the ledge, fix it and hang it on hooks or clamps. Further, the length is regulated: if the muslin is planned as an additional decor, the threads are picked up by picks, clamps, assembled into a bundle and so on. If the muslin is to be used as a curtain, it must be cut. Additional processing of cut-off threads is not required, but it is possible to decorate the bottom with beads, pendants - then they will be less dependent on wind from the window.

muslin photos

Care of thread curtains

Even such an undemanding curtain is requiredperiodically wash, and do it so that the threads are not confused. Remove the oblique fillet from the eaves with a braid or bandage in three or four places with a cloth (a bandage is suitable) and put in a bag specially designed for washing delicate things in the car. As a bag, pantyhose is often used: a denser fabric will not let the strings get tangled, even if the braid splits or the safety fabric unravels. Wash followed by a means for delicate tissues. From the washing machine you can hang it right on the cornice, the curtain dries very quickly.