The washing machine does not wring: causes and remedies

Unfortunately, household appliances are not eternal. Even if the consumer chose the washing machine of the most popular and reliable manufacturer, at a rather high price, this will not protect him from breakdowns and repair costs. Over time, even the most durable technical device can break down and become unusable. Therefore, those cases when the washing machine does not wring out the laundry, too, can not be called a rarity. According to experts on the repair of this equipment, most often the malfunction can be eliminated on its own, without contacting the service center. The main thing is to establish the cause correctly.

Why does not the washing machine squeeze?

How to understand that there is a malfunction? If, after the end of the program, the laundry is left too raw or there is still water left in the tub, the spin program was not performed correctly. In fact, the reasons why the squeeze regime stops working, is a lot. Starting with improper operation of the unit, ending with the failure of certain components of the device.

washing machine does not wring

Installing an Incorrect Program

Few users pay attention to the fact,that some regimes simply do not provide for a spin cycle, so it does not work. Often this happens after buying a new washing machine. Less than half of all new owners look at the instruction manual. After all, it seems that it is difficult? On the display of the device and so there is enough information - type of fabric, temperature regime. But in reality not all modes can be programmed to spin. For example, when washing delicate fabrics, as a rule, the washing machine does not wring out the laundry. But this does not mean that it is faulty, so it is embedded in the program.

Device overload

This information is also contained in the passportdevice. As a rule, there it is indicated, on what loading weight of dry linen the device is calculated. It should also be taken into account that when the laundry becomes wet, it weighs much more and can be distributed unevenly over the drum. If the machine is trying to cope with a lot of weight, then it will behave as follows: when it's time to start spinning, the number of rotations in the drum increases, but because of excessive load the machine does not get it done. Therefore, when the washing schedule comes to an end, the laundry remains untreated. This is a fairly common reason that does not squeeze the washing machine "Indesit" or "Samsung", for example, where there is a small load of laundry (up to 5 kg).

why the washing machine does not wring

When laying clothes for washing it is necessary to take into account not only its weight, but also the loading of the tank. It should be filled with no more than 2/3.

Malfunction of the device

This device, which controls the amount ofturns at washing. Installed on the motor rotor. To the failure of this device can result in permanent overload of the tank or relaxation of the fastening bolt. If the sensor is faulty, then during the execution of the program, the commander giving the signal can not control the number of revolutions. In this case, the washing machine does not press the laundry, and after the end of the program it remains moist.

does not press the washing machine

Wear of the electric motor

The most common source of this cause is wear and teargraphite brushes as a result of long operation of the device. Over the years, they wear out, and when the minimum length is reached, the motor loses power, and it simply does not have enough to perform the spin. Also, the electric motor of the washing machine can fail due to a break in the winding.

washing machine does not press laundry

Damage to the pressure switch

This is a device that controls the water level in thetank. In order to activate the spin function, the control module should receive information about the water level in the tank. If there is no signal that there is water, the washing machine does not press the laundry. It is worth noting that the water sensor is virtually impossible to repair, so 99% of it is subject to replacement.

What should I do if the washing machine does not press the laundry?

  1. Check the wash mode. As stated earlier, not every program provides a cycle of pressing clothes. Before operation it is necessary to familiarize with the instruction on operation. If this mode is not present in the program, you can use the additional operation "Spin".
  2. Check whether the laundry is not getting mixed up in one heap and if there is no tank overload. It is not recommended to load the device to the dump, since this greatly shortens the period of normal operation.

washing machine does not wring

In other cases, if the owner does not possesssufficient experience or knowledge about the device of such a technique, it is better to consult a specialist who can determine with precision the why the washing machine does not wring. A qualified master not only can correctly diagnose the problem, he has for this purpose special equipment and he can correctly pick up the component parts, which will need to be replaced to restore the device.