Siding for interior decoration. Installation of siding. Vinyl Siding

Siding for interior finishing works is suitablenever better. First, it differs in its simplicity of installation. Secondly, it is presented in wide color solutions. Thirdly, it is inexpensive and yet reliable and durable. All these characteristics and make this material in demand among buyers.


interior siding

Its characteristics include the following qualities:

  1. Resistance to microbiological corrosion, that is, siding does not rot, does not exfoliate, does not swell and does not peel off.
  2. High strength and elasticity, due to which the ventilated structure is resistant to mechanical impact.
  3. Resistance to temperature changes.
  4. Vinyl siding differs in saturated color, which persists for a long time.
  5. The material does not burn, it is non-toxic and does not form smoke when melting.
  6. Siding is a material that ensures good ventilation of walls, because water vapor and air are passed from the wall, and they do not form condensation.
  7. Due to its light weight, the material is simple and easy to transport.

Before you perform the installation of the siding, you should determine the type of material.

Finishing of balcony and bathroom

Most often a siding for interior decorationIt is used when it is necessary to cladding a balcony or a loggia. This material is easy to install, so it is used very often. In addition, there are many of its varieties that mimic this or that material. Accordingly, you can finish in any style decision. Thanks to this coating, the coating will be durable, aesthetic, resistant to moisture and cracking.

installation of siding

Used siding for interior decoration andbathroom. It is chosen primarily due to the economy (compared to the same ceramic tiles) and resistance to various influences (in the bathroom it is humidity and various detergents). Why choose siding? First, the material has a smooth surface. Secondly, it is mounted easily and simply. Thirdly, in the process of operation on its surface does not form a fungus or mold.

Preparatory stage

vinyl siding

Installation of the siding will require the use of the following materials and tools:

  • directly panels;
  • profiles (connecting, starting, finishing);
  • outer and inner corners;
  • self-tapping screws with a wide hat;
  • metal or wooden flooring;
  • screwdriver, screwdriver, hacksaw, perforator, hammer, level.

The cover can be horizontally orvertical - siding for interior decoration, respectively, differs in the type of lock. Before you finish, you need to prepare the surface of the walls - remove from them all the decorative elements, stucco, carefully aligned.


Creates a crate of wooden bars orspecial metal profiles. For the bathroom is better suited metal frame, resistant to moisture, as the wooden profile eventually swells from the water. When laying the panels it is necessary to process the joints and seams between them with a sealant. With this waterproofing, it is possible to prevent the appearance of moisture behind the panels, mold and odor.

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Interior walling siding suggestsinstallation of siding corners, and a starting profile is mounted from below. It is to it will be fastened with skin panels. Siding, when properly laid, should easily dock - with a characteristic click, which indicates the reliability of the connection. At the last stage of the work, the finishing profile is mounted, and the edges of the panels are removed for it.

Ceiling finish

The process of finishing the ceiling with panels hasseveral features. First, you should choose a larger material. Secondly, the height and color of the ceiling play an important role. Suppose, for low ceilings, it is advisable to choose a siding for interior decoration (the photo shows a variety of colors) for several tones lighter than the walls, and for high tones - dark shades.

interior siding for photo

When decorating the ceiling, it is worth using the crateA tree that is treated with a special antiseptic. This will protect it from rotting and exposure to microorganisms. Before installing the frame, you need to correctly mark up, because in the room the height of the corners can be different, accordingly, there will be distortions. The bars are attached by means of screws, which will keep the construction stronger. If fixing is carried out on a concrete wall, choose dowels.

Laying vinyl siding on the ceiling, you should remember about the need for lighting the room. It is worth noting in advance where the fixtures will be located, and in those areas make holes.

Features of balcony finishing

Use siding for balconiesyou can both inside and out. If the fences are made of metal, the crate will be required from metal guides, on which drywall will be attached. However, between the crate and the parapet, it is necessary to lay a heat-insulating layer, for example, mineral wool. This will protect the balcony and the interior from cold air. The siding is fastened by means of self-tapping screws.

The process of installing the siding is carried out in several stages:

  1. The most important role is played by the laying of the starting strip, on which the horizontal structure and the surface as a whole will depend.
  2. The auxiliary profile is attached to the starting profile - this is done horizontally and overlapping, no material is required to stretch the material. So you protect the surface from deformation under any kind of load.
  3. All the following layers are mounted neatly, while the edges of the material will be removed under the finish profile.

Bathroom Finishing

Facing works in this room have their ownFeatures, because there is a high level of humidity. Most often ceramic tiles are used, but due to its high cost and the complexity of the laying process, PVC panels have recently been preferred. They are really suitable for decoration just perfect: easy to clean, easy to assemble, moisture resistant, aesthetic look. The advantages of using them include the following:

  1. Quick installation and minimum costs and time.
  2. There is no need to level the wall, which will also affect the savings and time.

interior walling siding

The main requirement for installation is the density andtightness, while all the gaps must necessarily be sealed with hermetically sealed compounds. Siding for interior decoration (the price for it is notable for availability) is well suited for use in newly built houses where tiling is impractical due to shrinkage (it will last for about a year). Panels are resistant to deformation, mechanical action, so under the influence of shrinkage, nothing will happen to them.

What about the price?

Today siding is offered in a wideVariety of brands: Variform, Holzplast, Mitten, Döcke, Nailite, Nailite, WANDSTEIN. On its basis it is possible to carry out both external and internal furnish, and the prices depend on color, the invoice, quantity of additional profiles and accessories to a siding. The price is calculated per piece and starts from 90-100 rubles apiece. In addition to the panels themselves, ventilation grilles, windshields, special tools are required, so that the surface will be complete and complete. In addition, you can choose a different texture and color, so that the bathroom, balcony and loggia will look stylish and original.