Compactor for refrigerator: replacement or repair?

Often it happens that a refrigerator servinghis masters faith and truth for several years, suddenly starts to flounder. The cause of the malfunction is the seal for the refrigerator. What to do in this case - to revive the old one, change it or go to the store for a new unit?

How to understand that the seal went out of order?

No kitchen today can not do withoutrefrigerator. Like other household appliances, it requires proper care, and sometimes repair. A malfunction that can be eliminated by yourself is a worn seal on the refrigerator door. This can lead to changes in the temperature regime.

compactor for refrigerator

Seal should be changed in the following cases:

  • ice appears on the wall (rear) of the refrigerator;
  • the door closes loosely.

It is necessary to know that the most insignificant defectseal leads to the fact that the refrigerator starts to work poorly. Initially, this may not affect the storage quality of the products, but warm air entering the chamber causes the compressor to turn on more often. Often this leads to a reduction in the life of the unit.

There is a very simple way to check,how reliable is the seal for the refrigerator. To do this, you need a sheet of paper. Place it in the gap between the camera and the door and close it. In this case, the paper must be tightly clamped and not move from side to side.

Restoring the sealant

Slightly deformed rubber on the doorYou can try to repair the refrigerator. This requires a hairdryer. With its help, it is necessary to warm the rubber pad well and gently stretch it on the problem area.

There is another way. It consists in soaking the sealant in water. To do this, it must be removed and placed in hot water. When it softens and becomes more elastic, you can set it in place.

seal on the door of the refrigerator

Replacement of the seal in the refrigerator

If the recovery did not bring the desiredresult, then you need to buy a new seal for the refrigerator. You can change it in several ways. In many respects it depends on how it was installed initially. Let's consider two ways.

Sharpen the old rubber with a sharp knife. The new seal should be cut at the inner edge so that it does not go beyond the door. It can be glued with a double-sided scotch tape.

Pry the lining and remove the sealout. The new rubber is installed in the grooves with a screwdriver (the hard edge points inwards). In order to keep the seal for the refrigerator better, you can use a few drops of superglue for reliability.

 replacement of the seal in the refrigerator

If the old ball seal is fixed to the foam,then, to dismantle it, use a sharp knife. And in order to replace it with a new one, you will need self-tapping screws. The door of the refrigerator should be removed and placed on a stable and level surface. At the place of fixing the rubber to the door, carefully cut and tear it off. Thoroughly clean the foam door. On the perimeter of the door, drill holes for self-tapping screws. Cut the sealer to the correct size and fasten it to the doors with screws. Rubber should be fastened freely, without tension. Now the door can be returned to its place. Using canopies, adjust the uniformity and tightness of its fit.