How to fertilize fruit trees in autumn?

Any normal gardener knows that the quality andthe amount of the crop depends to a large extent on whether the soil contains enough nutrients. Considering that garden crops grow in one place for decades, they are able to extract almost all the juices from the soil. Therefore, the fertilizing of fruit trees in autumn becomes extremely important.

top-dressing of fruit trees in autumn

Of course, there are two ways of doing thismeasures: application of organic or mineral fertilizers. Of course, all these works will give an optimal effect only if they are combined with agrotechnical and irrigation measures.

Optimal timing

To fertilize fruit trees in autumn was performed most effectively, you should know about the periods when it should generally be performed:

  • in the spring, before the growth of shoots began;
  • in autumn, until the end of their growth.

At other times, extra nutrition is not onlywill not give the expected results, but it can also be harmful. For example, by "pumping" the soil with organic fertilizers at the time of apples pouring, it is quite possible to obtain fruits that are enriched not with vitamins, but with a bunch of nitrites.

autumn top dressing of fruit trees
By the way, today we will consider"Organic option", as any self-respecting producer of mineral fertilizers applies detailed instructions to its products. Manufacturers of manure (for obvious reasons) do not particularly bother with this ...

Process Features

In general, how to fertilize the fruittrees in the fall? The use of organic fertilizers is particularly justified in that they contain a lot of nitrogen. He, in turn, in large quantities goes to the formation of foliage. The introduction of manure in autumn is the most adequate way of fertilization.

This is due to the fact that it contains nutrientsare in the form of complex organic compounds, which become accessible to trees only after a couple of months. In addition, the fertilizing of fruit trees in autumn should in no case be carried out with fresh fertilizer, as this is fraught with burns of the root system.

Make humus regularly after the timethe entry of the tree into the active fruiting phase. Calculation of the amount of fertilizer required should be carried out based on the volume of the area: so, with a diameter of the trickle circle of two meters, you should fertilize three square meters. If the circle is equal to three squares, then seven is fertilized. In this case, the autumn fertilizing of fruit trees will give the maximum effect.

top dressing of fruit trees

But the best result is still obtained then,when the manure is introduced into the zone of maximum concentration of the root system of the plant; To do this, outline the circle formed by the projection of the crown, then retreat from its outer edge by 50 cm and dig about 15 equidistant pits. In them, water is poured, all this is spilled by water and covered with soil.

What is the frequency of top dressing? Everything depends on the soils: with their normal state, it is enough to make humus once every three years. If the soil is poor, then you need to do this every year. Note that when using mineral fertilizers together with humus, their dose should be reduced by half.

Such a fertilizing of fruit trees will give an excellent effect!