Ivy: care at home (features)

If you want to plant in your house thisa plant like ivy, care at home should be thorough. First of all, it should be noted that the presented flower is very beautiful, but poisonous, so it is undesirable to keep it in a house in which there are small children. And keep in mind that this plant is of several types, and the conditions for their maintenance are completely different.

ivy at home
If indoor or outdoor planted with ivy, careat home for the presented plant is simple enough. First you need to properly place the plant. In principle, it can easily withstand a shadow, but the evening or morning sun contributes to its better development. Despite the fact that the leaves of the ivy are green, and they are both light and dark, in the spring they become crimson.

If you still decided to keep ivy, care inhome conditions provides for both transplantation, and reproduction, and timely cutting of dried elements, and watering. In the process of cultivation there are certain nuances. So, in winter, the plant that is on the street must be protected from frost. For this, the stems should be well covered. However, do not overdo it, as too much heat for the plant is harmful. In the room, plant ivy so that it is more in shadow. Too hot in the room should not be. The smallest air temperature in the room is +15 degrees, and the maximum - +25 degrees.

ivy care at home
If there is ivy in the room, care at homeconditions also provides for its additional protection against direct ultraviolet rays. In winter, in a room with a plant, try to arrange additional lighting. So it will develop well. Take care of installing an additional lamp, if you notice that the color of the leaves began to change.

Pay attention to watering the plant. In winter, it should be produced somewhat less frequently. But in summer abundant watering is mandatory. In addition, in addition to hot weather, it is necessary to spray the leaves with water so that they do not lose weight and receive adequate nutrition. Ivy, care at home for which must be very thorough, requires periodic fertilizing fertilizer. It is produced once a quarter. Thus fertilizer should be periodically changed: that mineral, that organic.

ivy reproduction
Ivy at home is circumcised in dependencefrom how much the stems are bare. Try to leave lateral shoots. Plant transplantation is carried out once or three times a year. It depends on how young the root is. In order for the plant to form a beautiful crown, it needs to build a support, for which it will cling well enough.

Try to protect the ivy from damageinsects (scabbards, spider mites). Also do not overdo it with watering, because because of this, the leaves can very quickly turn yellow and fall off. You can plant ivy. Reproduction is made by cuttings, and apical. Sometimes it is possible to make the removal of the stem into the ground, eventually it takes root. The process of reproduction is carried out at the end of spring, so that the plant can successfully develop the root system before the arrival of winter.