Siding under self-siding

At the time when the construction of the house is over,we all start to think about how to decorate its walls somehow. And the most popular type of wall finishing for today is siding. But before you start, you need to make a crate.

Do you need a crate for siding?

crate under siding

This question interests many.But here everything depends entirely on your desire and the original material of the house. So, if your house consists of logs or a bar, you can simply tie the siding to the walls. Appearance from this does not suffer at all, and the layman does not understand whether the crate is made or not. But still experts advise the use of a wrought-iron structure, before starting to finish the walls. After all, several layers of insulation and waterproofing film will be used. And this significantly improves the energy efficiency of your home. That is, it will become noticeably warmer without additional heating costs.

We do everything right

The siding under the siding is installed in two stages. At the first stage, we completely level the walls. So you will need to remove all the protruding elements: tile, low tide and uneven bars.

how to make a crate under siding
What kind of material will be, it's up to you.But it is worth noting that the metal will serve significantly longer, and it itself is much stronger than wood. But if you stopped the choice on the tree, then it is worth treating it before installing antifungal drugs and carefully examined for foliation and chipping. These should not be: this indicates a low quality of the material. At the second stage we fix the frame. It will be installed depending on the direction in which the siding is attached. So, if it is fixed horizontally, then the bar should be placed vertically, and vice versa. To the walls the frame is attached by means of screws or dowels, depending on the material of the house.

Mounting of metal sash for siding

installation of metal battens for siding

Metal is more durable and wear-resistant thantree. In addition, it is more difficult to deform when laying noise and heat insulation, as well as any material that acts on the frame. The metal crate under the siding does not corrode and does not change its geometry with time. Another advantage of such a framework can be called that it is easier to attach to an uneven surface. The profile itself is attached to the wall with the help of awnings at a distance of at least half a meter from each other. This will allow you to fix all the unevenness of the wall with the help of plumbs when mounting the siding. So the wall will be perfectly even.

Siding under the siding made of wood

The tree is the most environmentally friendly and at the same timesimple material. But it will eventually be completely replaced by others. However, while it is considered the most popular in construction. Fixing the crate under the siding only in dry weather. Then the bar will remain dry, and it will not lead at the moment when the damp tree starts to dry out. After all, if the cant lead, then the siding is twisted.

Results of work

Now you know how to make a crate undersiding. As you can see, the work is not complicated, so you can do it yourself. Just need to decide what material will be used, and be patient.