How to deal with bark beetle in the garden and at home

Among insect pests there are varieties,They can damage not only the garden, but also the house. These include bark beetles. How to get rid of them, will prompt some useful tips, described in this article.

To protect fruit trees, recommendperiodically inspect them. This insect is a serious danger and can lead plants to death. If the site already has an infected dead wood or a building, then it is necessary to carry out preventive work. The main pests are larvae, since it is from their activities that the beetle received its name. They develop under the bark of plants, gnaw through the wood and break its structure.

beetle bark beetle how to fight

What should I do if a bark beetle settles in the garden?How to deal with this scourge? For this purpose it is possible to call specialists-pest control or to do it yourself. If the damage of plants is at the initial stage, when the insects have not yet penetrated into its tissues and are located on the surface, it is possible to remove the damaged areas and burn them. The treatment of trees can be carried out with insecticides or using garden var. To prepare the latter you need to take six parts of pre-melted paraffin and three parts of rosin. The mixture is heated to boiling, then vegetable oil is added and boiled for ten minutes. After the mixture has cooled, a fungicide must be added to its composition. We will tell in more detail how to deal with bark beetle with the help of the obtained composition. All areas of fruit trees with traces of activity of the beetle are treated with var. A sign of infection is the presence of small holes on the cortex. The insects themselves must be collected and burned. If the stage of defeat is too strong and there is no longer a chance to save the tree, it must be cut and burned. Thus, the danger to other fruit plants will be eliminated.

how to deal with bark beetle

Beetle is capable of spoiling wooden structures.How to deal with bark beetle when there are characteristic signs of his presence? He turns wood into dust. To prevent its appearance, it is necessary to conduct the treatment of the building with special preparations: antiseptics, insecticides, fire retardants. If he has already settled in the wood, to determine how seriously it is infected, use a screwdriver or an awl. The tool must be pressed into the gnawed bark beetle. If it turns out to be very deep, then it is necessary to remove and burn the affected area of ​​the tree.

beetles bark beetles how to get rid

To protect a wooden house, it is necessary to know howfight with bark beetle and what measures to take. If you do not take care of it in time, then an insect can lead to collapse of the house in five years. Advised to conduct the treatment of wooden surfaces with linseed oil, hot linseed oil or kerosene.

From the activity of an insect can sufferfurniture. How to deal with bark beetle in this case? The entire surface of the object must be treated with a mixture consisting of kerosene and turpentine. Ingredients are taken in the ratio of 1 to 3. After the composition penetrates into the insects pierced by insects, they are sealed with paraffin. If you can not save wooden furniture, then it is better to burn it.