Whitewashing trees in the fall: why and how to do it

The trimming of trees in autumn is very responsibleThe process, the importance of which is understood by far not every gardener. Many are firmly convinced that these "white aprons" on trees are made solely for aesthetic pleasure and giving the plant a neat appearance. However, this is not at all the case.

whitewash of trees in autumn
If the autumn whitewash is carried out correctly on the barktree creates a kind of shell, protecting it from most types of pests and diseases. In addition, it creates excellent protection against temperature changes and sunburn. Their danger lies in the fact that in December and February afternoon the sun can strongly heat up the dark bark of the tree. From the rising temperature, snow melts, and moisture begins to penetrate the pores of the bark. When the dark time of the day comes and strikes frost, the water freezes and, expanding, can cause significant damage to the plant. In the spring, the damaged areas of the tree become the target of various parasites and diseases. Avoid like any gardener will help whitewash trees in the fall. It can be carried out both on fruit garden trees, and on decorative conifers of wood type.

whitewash of fruit trees

Whitewashing of garden trees

A similar procedure with a correct conducthelps any tree to heal obtained cracks and wounds in the bark, and also to disinfect them. Whitewashing contributes to the death of most pathogens and pests, and also greatly increases winter hardiness and protection from burns.

Before proceeding with this procedure,The gardener should carry out some measures for plant preparation. It is necessary to carefully clean the bark that has peeled off the trunk, lichens and moss. You need to do this with a metal brush or any other auxiliary tool, but you should take care to avoid damaging areas with a healthy bark. During this procedure, experienced gardeners are strongly recommended to cover the space around the tree with burlap or film. This will help to easily assemble the purified and after burn it. Otherwise, pests will remain in the ground for the winter, and with the first thaws they will again move to the tree. Fruit trees must be whitewashed after treatment with the help of preparations containing copper. This will help to disinfect it. You can also treat them with trunks, but remember that such an operation should be carried out only in dry weather.

Whitewashing of garden trees

Beating trees in autumn: small tweaks

That during the winter-spring period thaws andshowers have not washed off the lime tree applied lime, you need to add a little yellow clay. A good recipe for whitewash are two kilograms of lime diluted in an ordinary garden bucket per kilogram of clay and three hundred grams of copper or iron vitriol. Also, many experienced gardeners are advised to add a small amount of flour paste to the solution.

It should be remembered that whitewashing trees in the fall will help protect the tree for about half a year. In the spring, it must be corrected - and then the plant will be healthy and beautiful throughout the year.