The fall of fruit trees in autumn is a prerequisite for a calm wintering and flowering spring

There are agricultural practices, without whichgo for many years the works of the gardener. These include the care of the bark, when the harvest is already harvested and the time to prepare for the winter. After the trunks and branches have been manually cleaned, the bark has been disinfected and all the wounds on it have been closed, the whitewashing of fruit trees begins in the fall. It is in this order, and they do not start whitewashing until three previous stages have been performed. Why it makes sense - read below.

Autumn whitewash of fruit trees
During the year, three whitewashes are held, two fromwhich are autumn, main (October-November), and spring, repeated (late February-early March) - are mandatory. The third whitewash of fruit trees is performed in the middle of summer; do it not necessarily, but it is desirable.

In autumn, you need to calculate in such a way as to be in timewhiten the trees until the day when the daytime temperature is set below zero. The day of whitewashing should be dry and warm. On each tree the trunk, the lower skeletal branches (from a third to a half of their length) and a fork are processed.

The main purpose of whitewash comes from the color of the solution,which covers the tree trunk: the whiter - the better. It protects the tree against sunburn and frost-bitten frost caused by temperature changes. And this protection is needed both for adult plants and young seedlings, especially if planted in autumn. After all, in the nursery, where they were grown, you will not get the proper light quenching. Hence, there is a high risk of sunburn on the bark in the open space of the garden.

Whitewashing fruit trees in autumn
It's amazing that there are still people who arewhich the autumn whitewashing of fruit trees and whitewashing the walls of the house is almost the same thing. But this is far from the case. At the gardener the solution should be homogeneous, dense, similar to cream or sour cream. But it can not be applied to the barrel in a thick layer, otherwise instead of protecting the tree, its health can be worsened. For young seedlings, the concentration of lime in solution should be twice as weak as not to burn them. At the same time, it should be sufficiently water resistant, resistant to peeling and shedding from the trunk, do not drain from it with streams. Otherwise, it is necessary to whitewash the marriage.

The fall of fruit trees in autumn can be carried out with both a purchased and self-prepared mortar. Alternatively, you can use acrylic paint snow-white color.

If the gardener is used every time with his own handsto prepare a solution is a good recipe. 10 liters of water are taken hydrated lime (2-2.5 kg), copper vitriol (250-300 g), fatty clay (1 kg). If desired, you can add one or two shovels of cow dung. All is thoroughly mixed until a uniform mass is obtained.

Whitewashing fruit trees
The whitewashing of fruit trees in autumn hasthe bark of the tree is a mechanical action, which is stronger the more bumpy and rough the bark. That is why this stage of preparing the garden for the winter is held after the previous three. Smooth bark is easier to whiten, and the consumption of whitewash will decrease, and the time for work will decrease. Otherwise, the unprepared crust will break up, crack and fall behind the wood, the tree will become vulnerable to sunlight, minus temperatures, pests and diseases.

After the whitewashing of the fruit trees in the fallcompleted and the horticulturist meticulously checked the quality of his work, he can safely go on vacation. The garden is protected, safely winter and the next year will meet the spring in all its unique blooming beauty.