Briefly on how to fill the foundation with a bath

A sauna in a suburban area is one of thethe most necessary outbuildings, which are often erected immediately after the construction of the house itself. Of course, in comparison with the living quarters itself, the hassle with its construction is smaller, but it does not do without them at all. For example, beginners often have problems with how to fill the foundation with a bath.

how to fill the foundation for a bath
In ancient times, the question of erecting aseparate base for the steam room was not puzzled: it was simply placed on the laid stones, and the lower wreaths made from larch or oak. These tree species are almost unaffected by rot. These premises did not serve for decades, and therefore the issue of their safety was not so topical. Unfortunately, the cost of building materials leaves no choice, and therefore the question of how to fill the foundation for a bath is extremely relevant.

The foundation is the foundation of any structure, soas in many respects it depends on its functionality and durability. Before choosing its type, be sure to find out the characteristics of the soils on the site. If the bath is supposed to be erected on sandstones, you can not do without a concrete pillow. However, it will have to be thought of on the peat bog. In a word, it's just impossible to pour the foundation exactly.

Using columnar type

to fill the foundation

This option is the simplest and least expensive. The distance between the pillars of the foundation in this case is about a meter and a half. As you can understand, they should stand strictly vertically. Note that the depth of the boulders should be at least 0.3 m higher than the depth of soil freezing in your region. After their installation waterproofing is applied, and the first crowns are punctured on it. If you are thinking about how to fill the foundation with a bath and not go broke with it, you should pay attention to the columnar variety.

Using a tape type

This type of foundation is one of the mostuniversal and very reliable. Before correctly pouring the foundation under the bath, determine its appearance. Under normal conditions, the belt type is poured in the form of a monolithic structure, but on complex and unstable soils, composite varieties are used which more evenly allow the load to be distributed to the soil.

how to properly fill the foundation with a bath
The trench is poured in advance for pouring, it is filled uplarge river sand and slightly spilled water. So strengthen the base and walls of the moat. After this, if necessary, fit the reinforcement, and then the concrete solution is poured. In the case of a small bath and stable soils on the pouring can be saved, alternating layers of ASG and concrete. Tape foundation is poured to a depth of at least 75 cm.

Immediately decide the question of what heightwill leave the ground formwork. However, directly into it you can put the first crowns, pouring them with concrete. Think not only about how to fill the foundation under the bath, but also about the future device of the blind area, which will protect it from erosion. Given the nature of the building, its installation is absolutely necessary, because otherwise you will not be able to steam for a long time in a bath. After all, it is rarely near a house that can protect it from rain, which means that the foundation will quickly wash away.