Slate nails: characteristics, description, photo

For laying piece roofing materials up toToday, no better fixture has been invented than slate nails. However, in the market of building materials today you can find counterfeits that "refuse" to fulfill their purpose, they break and bend. That is why it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the qualitative characteristics of these products before purchasing.

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Nails are slate intended for installationappropriate covering material. They consist of a rod and a head part, whose diameter can reach 14 mm. Like any other material, this one must be manufactured in accordance with state standards. The most common brand of slate nail are products that are performed according to GOST 9870 standards. On the market you can find products made according to Russian standards PCT 1822-83. If the nails were made on them, then they should be based on low-carbon wire, which corresponds to GOST 3282-74.

As for the caps, for their implementationgalvanized sheet steel is used. It also has certain standards, and they look like this: GOST 14918-80. Due to this material, which forms the basis of the head part, nails are almost not subjected to corrosion processes, and when installed only partially deformed. As a result, they almost exactly repeat the outlines of the surface, ensuring tightness at the point of installation. The head part is obtained by the technology of hard rolling of the cap, it is attached to the nail, as a result, it is possible to obtain a rigid connection of the cap to the nail core.

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Weight and dimensions

Slate nails must matchcertain parameters, among them, weight and size should be distinguished. The most popular today are products whose diameter is 4-5 mm. As for the most popular length, it varies from 90 to 120 mm, as an intermediate value are 100 mm. Slate nails have such parameters for the reason that they should be installed on a covering material having certain dimensions of the wave. The diameter of the head part should be 4 times the diameter of the rod, but the head height is the standard value and is 4 mm.

There is another indicator thatdetermines the mass of the nail. This unit determines how much 1000 nails weigh. For slate products, this parameter varies from 11 to 14 kg, the final figure will depend on the size of the products. They are usually delivered in cardboard boxes, each of which can hold approximately 6 kg. Sometimes manufacturers use wooden packaging, its volume can vary from 25 to 30 kg.

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Choosing nails slate, consumersare oriented not only to weight and size, but also to cost. The technology of manufacturing the described products is not so simple that it leaves its imprint on pricing. However, in this matter, an additional number of factors play a role, for example, here we can include the retail price, which is set by trade organizations and can not be controlled. For example, at the enterprise you can buy nails at a price of 52 r. per kilogram, this cost is correct for a large wholesale. If the wholesale is small, the price can reach 90 rubles. To predict what the cost will be at a retail point, there is no possibility.

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Features of installation of slate nails

The weight of the slate nail is calculated per kilogramproducts, it was discussed above. However, in order for the product to perform its functions, it is also important to familiarize yourself with the fastener installation technology. Nails are set starting from the right side of the lower boundary of the ramp. Sheets should be overlapped. Holes for installing nails should be done with an electric drill or a hand tool.

The diameter of the hole should be more than two 2 mmin comparison with the same parameter inherent in nails. Nail slate 5x120 is perfect for fixing the covering material. It should be metal and have a rubber washer, it is smeared with varnish on all sides, and then installed in a prepared hole, hammering it with a hammer. The optimal solution for carrying out such work will be nails with a prefabricated head, the dimensions of the fasteners should be 4x10, while the diameter of the washer should be equal to 18 mm. The nail is driven in until the excess lubricant is released from under the washer.

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The hats of the nails are smeared on the next stagelinseed oil, and from the top after complete drying color in the color of the slate sheet. Slate nails are used not only for laying the covering material, but also for assembling the wounds. They cover the roof slope, which adjoins the edge. These are the elements of the oblique parts of the sheets, the dimensions of which are determined at the installation site. Their laying is carried out as tightly as possible to the rib beam, and the fixing is carried out on the sheath using the same technology that was used for fixing ordinary sheets.

Extraction of slate nails

Slate nails, the GOST of which was mentioned above,can be removed from the installed roof. Such a need may be required when the design has begun to flow. In order to replace the elements, it is necessary to remove the damaged sheet, loosening the fastening of the surrounding elements. Nails are partly removed or completely removed using a nailer, after which it will be possible to remove the entire sheet.

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The weight of slate nails, depending on the size

Slate nail, photo of which is presented inarticle, you can be used to lay the covering material. If you want to calculate the approximate cost of products, then you need to know their weight depending on the size. For example, products with dimensions of 4x90 mm will weigh 10.5 kg, if the dimensions increase to 4x100, then the weight is 10.93 kg. The nail slate 5x120, which weighs 13.3 kg, can also be purchased from you in the store.


The technology of production of nails for slate almostno different from the process of making conventional building nails. In this case, equipment is used, which is called a nailing machine. As a raw material serves as a slate fastener, which has the appearance of a light thermally untreated wire. It is delivered to factories in bays.