How to deal with aphids: options

Aphids can settle absolutely on any plants,especially it is not indifferent to fruit trees and berries, cabbage and cucumbers, chrysanthemums, roses and peonies. Therefore, many gardeners are faced with the question of how to deal with aphids and what to do to make this fight as effective as possible.

how to deal with aphids

When aphids have chosen a plant, itbegins to actively draw from it useful juices and wither young shoots. In addition, it causes notable harm - wilted buds, twisted leaves, unripe fruit. Because of such massive attacks, the affected plant may not survive the winter period, and seasonal fruit and vegetable plantations may not bear any fruit at all. Only after discovering insects on plants, it is necessary to immediately start their extermination, otherwise the consequences can be very sad.

how to deal with aphids on cucumbers

The peak of aphid activity is usually in Junemonth. In this period, there are insects with wings moving from plant to plant. It is necessary to inspect the upper part of the plants and the reverse side of the leaves, since it is in these places that the first groups of pests appear. Aphids release a sweetish substance - a drop that ants love. They carry aphids to other plants, so the ants on the site also need to get rid of, and do it better before dealing with aphids using various chemicals.

from aphids

The fight against aphids can be different. The main thing is that the funds are as effective as possible.

The mechanical way to get rid of aphids involves removing insects manually. You can also try to flush colonies of insects from the plant with a jet of cold water.

There is also a biological way of destructioninsatiable insects. Before you deal with aphids in chemistry, you can try to settle in the garden or in the garden of insect predators, for which aphids - a real delicacy. Useful insects are attracted to the garden in a natural way. For this purpose, crops such as buckwheat, lovage, mustard, dandelion, violet are planted in the garden or garden - these plants attract with their fragrance beneficial insects.

Many truck farmers are worried about howto fight aphids on cucumbers. The colony usually appears in July-August. The leaves of plants attacked by insects are twisted, and the ovaries and flowers fall off. Colonies of insects can capture all the planting of cucumbers, and plants will simply perish. Reduce the number of aphids are good for such insects as ladybugs. Cows are attracted with dill and leafy mustard, which are best planted next to cucumber beds.

Those who think about howto deal with aphids, you can advise to treat plants with infusion of wood ash with a little addition of ordinary household soap, tobacco infusion also helps.

Infusions based on garlic and onions also helpcope with the invasion of aphids. About seventy grams of garlic or onions should be finely chopped and poured with a bucket of warm water. The resulting solution should be left for a day so that it is properly infused. After the expiration of the prescribed period, the infusion can be treated with plants.