We understand what the foundation is better for a house of foam blocks

In recent years, more and more commonbecome houses of foam concrete. This is explained by both their cheapness and the simplicity of their erection. But beginners often have a question about which foundation is better for a house from foam blocks.

what is the best foundation for a house made of foam blocks
To fully answer it, let us consider the most common situations that are often encountered in the construction of a country house.

Most often, light one-storey buildings are erected with ordinary ceilings from a wooden beam. In this case, it is quite acceptable to use a cheap and light ribbon foundation.

But! It will not do much to make the work much cheaper, since a reinforced belt is necessary in the field of windows and doorways. Otherwise, the appearance of cracks in the walls of the structure is inevitable.

Choosing which foundation is best for a home fromfoam blocks, do not forget about TISE. This is a kind of buried bottom, the cost of installation is somewhat lower. The fact is that the foundation in this case refers to a columnar type, additionally reinforced in the field of structures, which give the greatest load on the soil.

The second option is somewhat less common. In this case, a two-storey building is erected with the same wooden ceilings. So what is the best foundation for a house made of foam blocks in two floors? Any, but not an easy ribbon version, which is corny can not withstand the gravity of such a design.

projects of foundations of houses from foam blocks

Strangely enough, but the proceeds will come againvariant of TISE. The buried structure is able to withstand a significant severity even on the least resistant soils, and the need for reinforced substrates is minimum when used. But there is one "but": if under the future house there are soils of fine sand, and close to them are groundwaters, then its use is strictly contraindicated.

But what is the best foundation for a house made of foam blocks that can save the situation in this case?

Here you have to deal with the installationdepth tape or think about grillage, which will be installed on piles with enlarged blades. Of course, spending on such a basis in both cases will be quite significant.

The most difficult option is a three-story house,overlapping of which are made of reinforced concrete slabs. Just intending to build such a structure, the first thing you need to know in the local service of geodesy about the physical feasibility of such construction in your area.

It is very likely that in order to facilitate theThe construction of reinforced concrete will have to be done only on the lower floor, and the upper floor is already set to the usual tree. In this case, choosing the best foundation for a house made of aerated concrete will be much easier.

the best foundation for home
But in any case it will be necessary to make a thick sand and gravel pillow, which will promote the most even distribution of the load on the ground.

Above it is put reinforced concrete slab. It is very important to build a reinforced belt under the windows, and put the first row of blocks strictly on a massive concrete base raised as high as possible above the snow level. As a foundation, you can use a standard tape installed on a concrete foundation slab.

Almost all the projects of the foundation of houses from foam blocks provide for the use of the belt type as the cheapest and universal option.