The best varieties of cabbage color for the middle part of Russia

Today you can not imagine a householda vegetable garden of a Russian without the presence of even a few varieties of cauliflower. This tasty and beautiful vegetable has been gaining its place under the sun for several decades to achieve the popularity that it currently has.

Cauliflower - one of the most valuable speciesthis vegetable. But, at the same time, this culture is the most difficult and capricious for growing, as it is very demanding for food, soil, watering, temperature and lighting. Cauliflower is characterized by high taste, nutritional and dietary qualities, so it is widely used for cooking different dishes, frozen and canned.

In food, as a rule, use different gradescabbage colored. Most often use a white head, but you can also use its leaves, which are rich in nutrients - they contain a lot of protein, potassium, iron, phosphorus and calcium and vitamins B1, A, B2, PP, K.

The best varieties of cauliflower require good fertile soil, which is rich in humus. In the case of growing on light soils, one should make a lot of manure and constantly water the plants.

On the territory of our country for cultivationEarly varieties of cauliflower or medium-sized group should be purchased. Usually they are all considered hybrids of the first generation of foreign breeding. These varieties of cabbage have a period of vegetation, which lasts about one hundred and twenty days. These include varieties: Goodman, Byte Rock, Robert F1, Candide Sharm, Profil. Hybrid varieties of cabbage are also growing successfully in our soil: F1 Avize, Ameising, Latemann, Asterix, Montano Barsac, Malimbas, Fargo, Palas, Syria, Fremont.

Early varieties include Amfora, Moscowcanning. In addition, one of the best varieties of cauliflower is the Early Gribovskaya 1355, the Guarantee and the Patriotic, which must be sown in a greenhouse or in a nursery. Not bad results showed the grade Alpha, which has good heads - dense, smooth and white.

An excellent harvest in sixty daysbrings early ripening varieties Mowir 74, which has round, medium-sized and large heads. The average mass of the head is from four hundred grams to one and a half kilograms. This variety is characterized by cold resistance and frying, it has excellent taste qualities.

One of the best varieties of the early period iscall the Express, which can be planted under the film coating and in the open ground. To obtain a good quality crop under the film or glass, or in the open ground, it is necessary to buy only early varieties that have a short period of development. In the presence of adverse conditions (which are so characteristic of our domestic climate), they form the so-called prebudons - substandard, small, premature buds. For early growing in open ground conditions, it is necessary to know if the climate of the locality is suitable for such a variety of cauliflower.

A good harvest in the middle zone of Russia givesmedium-term varieties of cabbage color (Domestic, Guarantee), medium-ripening varieties (spring Adler and winter Adler) and Sochinskaya variety, which is medium-late. In addition, for the universal cultivation suitable for open ground srednerannye varieties, which can be planted from April to July. These include the mid-ripeness graffiti. The period from shoots to eating is about one hundred and twenty days. This variety of cauliflower is characterized by a large round head, which has a violet color. Graffiti is an extremely resistant variety to bacteriosis.