Pruning trees in spring: where to start?

As soon as March approaches, it is time,when the pruning of trees should begin in the spring. And the favorable time can come in late February, when the air temperature is not less than -2 degrees. Naturally, it should be noted that this occupation requires diligence and diligence on the part of the gardener, otherwise all efforts will simply go to rubble. And the conditions of conducting should be studied in advance. As a rule, if pruning trees in the spring is poor, at best, this can affect the crop. The worst variant is the death of a plant.

There are several types of this procedure: forming, regulating, rejuvenating. The list is incomplete, but the main forms of holding are presented.

The most important thing in this process is to have time before the vegetation begins. If the juice has already begun to move, then outside interference of any nature can be just disastrous.

As experts note, spring pruningtrees promotes normal illumination of branches. The fact is that if the crown is too thick, its central part suffers from this. And in the absence of normal lighting, trees can not bear fruit and bloom fully. But in this situation, do not over-measure too much: if you cut too many branches, it will weaken the tree, because this procedure is a strong stress for any plant. Therefore, in the first place pruning is exposed to those branches that touch each other or grow at an angle and inside the crown. Also, pruning trees in spring should involve those small knots that depart from the trunk, as well as broken and dry branches.

In order to carry out the procedure correctly and quickly,It is necessary to stock up in advance with the necessary inventory, which must always be at hand. So, you need a secateur, a hacksaw for wood, a knife (naturally, sharpened), and a metal brush and brasscutter. Take also a jar of oil paint, which is designed to protect the cut from getting pathogens. If it is not, you can replace it with a garden fume. Paints based on acetone and any varnishes are prohibited. This will harm your trees.

Before the procedure, you needmake sure that there are no diseases and parasitic larvae in the trees. The fact is that in the spring they begin to actively multiply and cause serious damage to plants. As for spilled branches, it is best to burn them immediately.

Some types of trees need to be subjected to moreserious pruning (approximately 55-60% of the total annual increase). This applies to poplar, fluffy ash and ash-leaf maple, which after the "sparing" procedure cease to decorate the garden. The thing is that the lower branches begin to wither, and the crown becomes very scarce and ugly.

Pruning of fruit trees in spring is carried out forin order to rejuvenate them, increase the yield and the number of new branches. Branches need to be cut directly near the kidneys. This is done to continue the growth of developing shoots. And it needs to be done on the kidneys, which are located on the outer side of the crown. The fact is that those that are from within, later form shoots and lead to the fact that the crown will become more dense.

If the tree crown is formed correctly, ithas the form of a pyramid: the central place is allocated to the trunk, then branches and knots are located. The branches located on the sides must obey the main axes, but have a thinner diameter.

The fact is that pruning trees in the spring shouldevery year. This should be carefully and constantly monitored if you want the bushes and trees of your garden to please with its flowering and harvesting for many years.