Planting flowers in the garden

Flowers - the main decoration of the garden, from whatthe grades are chosen, as the flowerbed is framed, the external appearance of the plot will also depend. From the horticulturist, the planting of flowers requires the observance of several important conditions, such as soil composition, site landscape and climatic conditions.

Soil for growing flowers

Choosing plants for planting in the garden,amateur gardeners often rely on their own aesthetic preferences, but do not pay attention to the composition of the soil, suitable for flower breeding. The condition of the soil can be improved. For example, if the land is heavy, then it can be brought in large sand, small gravel or expanded clay, which will facilitate better access to the roots of water plants. If the planting of flowers is carried out in sandy soil, then manure and compost are added to it, due to which it will become denser. Before planting flowers, the soil must be well loosened and the roots of the weeds removed from it.

Planting flowers

Planting plants

Planting flowers requires the observance of weatherconditions. It is impossible that during the landing there was a sunny hot weather or a strong wind was blowing. Making a flower bed out of flowers, one must take into account their growth time, so that they look harmonious.

For the cultivation of annual plants planting flowerson seedlings can be planned for the spring months. Biennial plants, on the contrary, can be planted before the frost in autumn. Before planting in the ground, it is necessary to water the seedlings well in pots.

Planting flowers on the site

Decoration of the flower bed

To design a flower bed it is important to observe severalrules. Under the plants make holes, they are watered. Begin planting flowers on the bed necessary from the center, gradually moving to its edge. This is necessary in order not to damage already planted plants. When the planting of flowers is over, they must be watered again. In spring, the plants are mulched to keep moisture in the soil and protect them from weeds. As mulch suitable sawdust, moist peat, manure, humus, crushed bark, biohumus. Mulch is covered in such a way that the organic material surrounds the plant, but does not touch its stems. Before the mulching procedure, the soil must be cleared of weeds and fallen leaves.

Planting flowers for seedlings

Garden flowers and care for them

Your flowerbed will be really beautiful andoriginal, if you pick up the plants with taste, well thought out the design and design of the garden. To plant flowers on the site brought joy and pleasure, observe the rules of caring for plants, it will ensure their successful development and flowering. For example, hyacinths are recommended to be planted with bulbs, close to garden trees and shrubs, the flower does not like blown, windy areas. Phloxes like wet, loose soil. Hortensia is planted in fertilized soil. In addition, the regular pruning of the plant is recommended, in order to avoid their thickening, which can reduce the number of flowers. Peonies prefer to bloom on sunny, windless stretches. They require frequent irrigation and deep loosening of the soil.

Completed by all the rules of planting flowers will create a unique atmosphere of comfort in your garden. As a result, your summer residence will be decorated with flowering plants.