Spirea. Planting and caring for the plant

Spirea is a decorative shrub of the Roses family. The name of this plant speaks of its appearance - from Latin it is translated as a "spiral".

spiraeus planting and care
The dimensions of spiraea can vary greatly - from 15 cmup to 2.5 m. The branches can also have different shapes: they can be either upright or spread out. There are also spiraea with creeping branches. Color - light or dark brown.

The roots of spiraea are lobed and not very long. Also all spirea are distinguished by small buds.

The appearance of the inflorescence of the plant differs from the varietyand from the time of flowering: if the plant has blossomed in the spring - there appear small white "sessile" umbrellas or brushes in the form of scutes with leaves near the base. Summer spiree blossom with scutes that form at the ends of branches, their color - from white to red with pink. Late flowering - small purple panicles of an oval shape.

spiraeus planting and nursing breeding
Spirea. Planting and care: how to plant a plant

Planting spirea usually early in the spring, as soon asSnow came down, but many varieties are well established in autumn. The pit of 50 × 50 (with a loosened bottom) must be filled with a special mixture consisting of 2 parts of turf ground, part of peat and part of sand. The plant is planted and compacted by the ground with the foot. Many advise to carefully examine the roots, the longest of which dipped in liquid clay.

The root neck should remain above the ground approximately 3 centimeters higher.

Water the seedling with water (1 to 2 buckets), and then mulch the soil with peat.

spiraling vagutta care
Between several spirits you need to observe a distance of about half a meter. And to create a fence of plants it is better to place them closer together.

Spirea. Planting and care: how to care for a plant

Care of the spirits is easy - you need one timefeed it for the whole season with mineral fertilizer and moderately watered. The rules for care can vary depending on the variety. So, for the sort of "spirya vangutta" care should be more palpitating than for other varieties.

But if you suddenly planted spiraea in an area where droughts are not uncommon, water the plant about twice a month. For each spiral, about 10 liters of water is wasted. Also need to water spiraea and after trimming.

Young plants will have to loosen the ground, and also cut off already discolored inflorescences and weak branches. For decorative purposes, it is advised to remove both old and side branches.

For winter, the earth near the spirea is insulated with dry leaves or a thick layer of peat (about 10 centimeters).

Spirea. Planting and care: reproduction

1. Propagation by seeds. They are planted in the spring in wooden boxes with earth, and after a few months they are transplanted to the bed, and the tip of the thickest root is pricked. Flowering spiree in 3-4 years, while they need careful care.

2. Reproduction by cuttings. They are cut from shoots that appeared this year. The length of the cuttings should be about a decimeter, you can use the top and middle part of the plant. The ends are moistened with the nutrient solution for the plants, and then they are planted. Do it best in July, then by autumn will have good roots.

3. Reproduction by layers. When flowering, the branches are bent to the ground, fixed and sprinkled with earth. This method is good for getting a small amount of new spirits.

Spirea. Planting and care: diseases and pests

The plant must be protected from spider mites, aphids, as well as winter frosts. In general, spirea is unpretentious and has no special natural enemies.