Seal for plastic windows: choice and replacement

Windows made of metal and plastic have long won recognitionusers, because they have a simple design, are easy to adjust, clean well and serve a long time. But that they continued to serve for a long time, it is necessary to choose a sealant for plastic windows.

No matter how carefully you watch your window,You still need to change the seal every few years. For replacement, you need to choose a quality material that will have the required length. In general, a rubberized seal for plastic windows is used. Naturally, when choosing a material, it is necessary to check whether it is defective. The fact is that the tightness of your window depends on how much the quality and the whole will be the cord.

seal for plastic windows
To fix the insulation, you also have to buy glue, the quality of which, too, need to pay attention.

Replacement will not be difficult even for the inexperiencedmaster. First of all, the old waste material is removed from the window, and the hole in which it was was thoroughly cleaned of dust and debris. The groove is smeared with glue gradually. Slowly, you must also lay the seal for the plastic windows, making sure that it lies evenly. If the cord turned out to be very long, then the extra part should be simply cut. Still need to ensure that the cord was tightly glued to the groove.

In order for a new sealer to last a long time, it is necessaryregularly wipe it from dust, treat it with special protective compounds that will not allow aggressive substances to destroy it. Naturally, one should not test it for strength and tightness with different chemical substances.

compactor for pvc windows
The compactor for PVC windows ensures a tight fit of the window flaps to the main structure, which means that the window is tight.

In addition to rubber materials, you can usestill polymeric and silicone products. The polymeric sealant for plastic windows performs well its functions, but it does not lack any disadvantages. For example, in hot weather it can become soft, and hardens in winter. This reduces the service life. From polymeric seals, you can choose a rubber thermopolymer. Such a seal has improved properties and can withstand both frost and high temperature. With proper care, it can serve up to two decades.

The silicone sealant for windows is also used quite often. It can be used

silicone sealant for windows
in a country with a harsh climate, since itis able to withstand a wide range of temperatures: the maximum negative temperature is -40 degrees, and the maximum high temperature + 100 degrees.

The advantage of silicone sealants is alsois resistance to atmospheric influences, ultraviolet rays and aggressive substances. They are fastened on the inside and outside of the window frame. The only drawback of silicone is that it has a fairly high cost.

In any case, at its own convenience and safety, it is not worth saving. Therefore, when choosing a sealer, you must determine your needs.