Let's talk about how to prepare a child for school

Your child has grown up, and very soon he will go tofirst grade. This is a solemn event in the life of each of us. Remember how you prepared for September 1, collected a portfolio and tried on the form? It is very important to prepare your child for a new stage in life. School years are the most beautiful. It is important that the child goes to learn with desire and with interest.

Responsibility for parents

How to prepare a child for school
The modern school curriculum is difficult for everyonepupils. Even many teachers believe that it is difficult for children to learn the required amount of material. Success in the classroom depends largely on what kind of knowledge base the child received at the preschool age. Many mothers and dads do not even think about how to prepare a child for school, believing that the teacher will teach him everything. They are very mistaken. If a child, coming to the first class, feels weaker than his classmates, he may lose his interest in knowledge altogether and, in the end, stop learning. And these are deuces, nerves and low self-esteem. The task of parents is to prevent this and think in advance how to prepare the child for school.

Why prepare a child for school

How to prepare a child for school
Imagine the situation. The son of your neighbor from 5 years old can read, considers and solves elementary examples, can clearly express his thoughts and analyze, retell the texts. And your baby only in the summer before the school began to teach the alphabet. And now answer, who will be better and quicker to grasp the training material? Thinking about how to prepare a child for school and whether you need to do it at all, put yourself in the teacher's place. There are 25 small children in the class, and the teacher is one. He is obliged to pay attention to each student. Most have already started to read fluently, and several children can not understand in any way what the letters differ from the figures. As a result, lagging children remain at the end of the system.

What to look for when and what to teach the child

Where to prepare a child for school
So, you are thinking about how to preparechild to school, but do not know where to start. First, learn the letters with it and begin to read by syllables. Let the child read several lines each day. Parents should be around and help during such training sessions. Be sure to ask the child after the session what he has read. Let him retell. Ask him leading questions. Secondly, learn the numbers and practice with simple examples. The child must understand the meaning of addition and subtraction. Show mathematical examples using apples, sweets, fingers. Thirdly, the preschooler must know the geometric figures and be able to explain what their differences are. Fourth, give time to your offspring and allow him to engage in creativity. Let him draw, sculpt, glue and make. The more he does, the faster will develop fine motor skills. And this, in turn, will affect such a skill as writing. Telling how to prepare a child for school, you should emphasize that you can not force him to do. It is better to train in the form of a game. For example, arrange a school at home: sit a small student at a desk and start an improvised lesson. Then change roles, let the teacher be a child.

Preschool educational institutions

Of course, many parents are too busy at work. They just have no time to deal with their preschooler. Therefore, they are looking for where to prepare a child for school. In fact, there are many such places. It is important among all to choose that pre-school preparatory institution that really teaches the child and can qualitatively prepare it for school weekdays. As an option, you can hire a tutor who will be engaged personally with the baby at home at a time convenient for you.

Draw conclusions

Of course, and read, and write, and reflect the child will eventually learn in school. But all the same parents should help the future student in acquiring basic knowledge.