Learn how to celebrate a birthday happily

If you are thinking about the question of how funnote the birthday, then this article will be very useful for you. Of course, this day should be unforgettable. Both the guests and the originator of the celebration should not be bored. It should be fun, beautiful and interesting, and most importantly - unforgettable. You can celebrate this event in nature or go to a restaurant, but no less interesting will celebrate this event at home. And if everything is filmed on a video camera, then in the future you can enjoy viewing this unusual, fun and original celebration. For starters, let's forget about our adult affairs and cares and plunge into this festive atmosphere, have fun with the soul and have fun. Even if the company is not very childish, you can still play interesting games that will solve your problem: how fun to celebrate the birthday of the house.

So, let's start with a contest called "Garmoshka". The presenter takes out a sheet of paper and passes it to everyone in a circle so that all in order they write congratulations in the poems for the birthday man. To begin with, you can write the first line to the rest of the congratulations. Each next participant writes one verse line, preferably in rhyme, then bends the sheet. For the next player, he writes a new line, and he already continues to pick up the rhyme for the phrase proposed by the neighbor. After all the guests have written their congratulations, the accordion from the sheet unfolds, and the host expressively reads this ode in honor of the originator of the celebration. It turns out very funny and exciting.

Another contest that will help to cope with theThe task, as fun to celebrate a birthday, is called "Hot - Cold". First, on a piece of paper, congratulations are written to the birthday person. Then it is cut into pieces and given to the guests, so that they hide these pieces at home. If the birthday girl is a man, then the pieces are given to women, and vice versa. The culprit of the celebration must collect all the parts, for this he will have to guess where all the pieces are hidden. Participants become in a row and shout "hot" or "cold", depending on how close the birthday person is to the solution. When all the pieces are collected, the one who hid this greeting reads to his birthday.

You can arrange a competition for which eachthe participant will receive some funny souvenir, for example, a pen in the form of glasses or a knife or something else. The birthday party gives each guest some task, necessarily interesting and cheerful, and the guests, in turn, fulfill it, for which they receive prizes.

No less interesting will be the contest "Where am I?", Which will help solve the problem of how fun celebrating a birthday. The participant sits with his back to the rest, and a sign with various inscriptions, for example "Toilet", "Sobering-up" or something else like that, is clinging to his back. Then there are various suggestive questions on which the player should guess what is written on the plate.

If you still decide how fun to celebratebirthday, then be sure to play with your guests in a game called "The Cow". Here the player comes out in front of everyone and tries to show the word that the previous participant whispered in his ear. Everyone else is trying to figure this out. The one who first guesses the correct answer goes to the center of the room instead of the previous player. Now he will have to try to show the word that the previous player whispered in his ear. This is a very exciting, fun and interesting game in which everyone will be pleased to participate.

Very exciting game "In the situation." It will bring everyone a sea of ​​joy and fun. Out guys, they are taped balloons to the belly with the help of adhesive tape. Now, matches are scattered on the floor. Players must bend down and collect all the matches, but the ball must not burst. Watching this is pretty funny.

For those who do not know how interesting it is to notebirthday, the game "Get the Candy" will be a real find. Although this contest is unlikely to appeal to girls with makeup. Here, sour cream is poured into the plate, and candy throws into it. And the player must get this candy from the plate without hands.