Symptoms of dental teeth in children: is it worth worrying to parents?

Even the very first symptoms of cutting teeth inchildren can not help but worry young parents. After all, this is a new step in the development of crumbs. However, at the same time this is a very difficult period for the child himself, and for moms and dads.

symptoms of cutting teeth in children
The first sign that you should turn toattention, is an increase in salivation. As a rule, this happens in the interval from 2 to 4 months. In parallel with this, one often observes irritation in the mouth and chin (redness or pimples appear just as a result of the constant effect of saliva on the tender skin). Eliminate this problem with any kind of baby cream.

Studying the symptoms of cutting teeth in children, it is importantnote that in the process the babies begin to gnaw at literally everything that comes their way, as the gums begin to itch, and this gives some discomfort.

In some children, the gums begin to become inflamed. In this case, the kids experience severe pain. However, these symptoms of cutting teeth in children are not always apparent. Some babies they do not disturb at all, the overwhelming majority of painful sensations occur during the eruption of the first incisors and teeth, and still others test them constantly until all the teeth have erupted.

signs of cutting teeth in a child
Another indicative symptom - the whims of the planfood intake. To somehow ease the aching pain, the kid can constantly behave as if he wants to eat. However, discomfort only increases when he begins to suck, and as a result the baby refuses the bottle or breast. But those kids who started eating solid food, may for a while lose interest in it at all. This should not bother you: similar symptoms of cutting teeth in children are often enough. At the same time, the child will continue to receive all the nutrients he needs from a mixture or breast milk. However, if the baby refuses 2 or more feeds in a row, is malnourished for several days, it is worth consulting with the pediatrician.

Young mothers often face the fact thatthe teething time of the chair in children becomes liquid. Some experts believe that there is a connection between these phenomena, while others deny this possibility. However, it is best to report changes to the doctor - only he will be able to establish the true cause of diarrhea and dispel all doubts.

When teeth are cut in an infant, hethe temperature may rise for a while. Again, not always the second is a consequence of the first. However, a slight increase can be triggered by gingival inflammation. If the temperature is very high, try to remove it in the same ways as during the illness. The doctor should be consulted if this condition persists longer than 3 days.

teeth are cut in an infant
Of course, with the onset of the night, unpleasant symptoms do not disappear anywhere. The child may have trouble sleeping, he can often wake up and be capricious.

In addition to all of the above, sometimes on the gumsbabies appear bluish color. These small hematomas dissolve in most cases, without any intervention from the doctors. Speed ​​up the process of resorption and reduce the disturbing feelings of crumbling with cold compresses.

Symptoms of a child's cutting teethindividual, as well as the duration of this process. They should not cause panic in you, but you should not let anything go on - it's best if at least once a week the baby's mouth is inspected by a pediatrician. Only he will be able to find problems and violations in time, if any.