Thermo mug: how to choose correctly? The main varieties of dishes

Going in a hurry to work, study orlong journey, we always want something to eat. To increase the energy reserve, we often choose coffee, tea, cocoa or another favorite drink. The question arises: how best to keep its temperature? There is an exit. You just need to go to the store and buy such a useful attribute as a thermo mug. How to choose it correctly and not make a mistake? The main positive characteristics of such dishes are ease of care and ease of use. The thermoclean is compact and simply laundered. Also modern prototypes of the product have a beautiful and unique design.

How to choose a hot mug

Today the assortment of this product is enoughis diverse and conditioned not only by the place where it will be used, but also by the preferences of the person who buys it, as well as by the storage conditions. These factors affect the design of the mug, its price, material, which is used in the manufacture.

Stainless steel cookware

There are several types of such containers. How to choose a good hot mug? Its intended purpose will help you to decide. In the production of hot mugs, stainless steel, ceramics or plastic are often used as raw materials. The first option is the highest quality. In this capacity, the temperature of the liquid remains at the desired value for a long period. Also the model differs considerable durability. It has a tightly closed lid and rubber inserts. It's convenient to take it on and do not worry that the liquid will leak out. During an active holiday such a thermo mug is indispensable. How to choose a suitable vessel for use at home or for work in the office? It is also necessary to pay attention to the material that the manufacturer used when manufacturing the container. More often for these purposes, plastic is suitable.

Plastic and electrical options

Today, plastic mugs are leadersamong the most popular models. The inner part is made of tempered glass, polypropylene or stainless steel. The outer surface consists of high-quality plastic. These hot mugs are lighter than metal ones, which means they are more fragile and can be damaged by falling and impact. A mug made of ceramic is also perfect for a workplace. However, it is not intended for hikes.

how to choose a good hot mug

Especially for motorists is manufacturedconnecting to the cigarette lighter muffler. It allows you to maintain the heat of any drink for a very long time. Additional accessories and attributes are sometimes attached to hot mugs. They can be with or without handles, have a removable handle. Some models include a non-spill cover, which can be screwed or inserted as a cork. They can be used as a thermos.

Thermo mug: how to choose the best?

First of all, decide on its size. Usually the volume of the hot mug varies from 200 to 700 milliliters. The most important criterion in choosing is the type and quality of the raw materials used. When you come into contact with the goods, you should feel only comfort and comfort: the cup lies well in the hand, it is pleasant to the touch, there is no sharp smell. Between the walls of the vessel there should be no air, but a vacuum, then the drink will remain hot for a longer time. Cheap hot mugs are badly thermally insulated and do not last long the original temperature.

how to choose a hot mug

In addition, decide where to beYour thermo mug: at home, in a backpack or car. Plastic dishes are suitable for office or apartment. The model of stainless steel will be appropriate in the campaign. For the machine, the ideal option is an electric thermo mug. How to choose it? What should I look for? First of all it is necessary to check the presence of an anti-slip coating, to make sure that it is suitable for a car holder.


Now you know how to choose the right onea hot mug. We hope that these recommendations will help you, and you will buy the necessary thing. Then you will have the opportunity at any convenient time to enjoy a warm and fragrant drink.