How to quickly dry clothes in various ways

In life there are so many different situations. It also happens that there is no time to wait for the laundry to dry or clothes to dry, and you need to dry it quickly. There are many practical ways, time-tested. There is also a huge number of special devices that are designed to speed up drying of cotton, woolen, satin and silk products. If you wash your shoes or it gets wet - it does not matter - there are special drying for all kinds of shoes. Wet top and underwear - in our time all this is not a problem. In this article, we briefly review some of the methods often used by both professionals and housewives.

How to quickly dry clothes

Use automatic washing machine

If you are puzzled by how quickly to dryclothes, then, first of all, use the maximum spin in the automatic machine. If the thing is not woolen or not too tender, then this method is just right. Due to this you will remove almost all the moisture, and the thing will be almost dry. To accelerate drying in the drum, you can put a dry cotton towel in white. Cotton absorbs moisture very well and will therefore speed up the process. You can also use a different material similar to cotton. After automatic drying in the machine, you can go to the next step.

How to quickly dry clothes - various tricks

drying for clothes

One of the non-standard ways of drying your things,in particular small items, is a microwave oven. However, drying things this way, you need to be extremely careful not to overdry them or put anything accidentally with metal elements. If you are a desperate person or if you need to get this thing very quickly, then you can use this unusual method. Do not forget, however, every half a minute to check whether everything is in order, and at what stage is the thing.

If you have an oil fireplace or an airheater, then you can take advantage of the heat that these electrical appliances give out. Attention! Do not hang things from above on a convector or heater, as this can lead to a fire or spoil the thing. If you do not have these electrical appliances, then you can hang things up near the oven or the heating battery. However, here you also need to be especially careful not to overeat the thing. It is extremely important to handle with various delicate or sensitive materials.

Dry the air

Wardrobe for drying clothes

If it's summer outside, you can hang your clothesor underwear in drafts - surprisingly, things dry up very quickly. If it is not possible to place things on such a rope or you live in an apartment and do not own a loggia or balcony, then you can hang clothes right in the room and create an artificial draft with the help of a fan. To do this, you can use a sliding clothesline or special installation clothes dryer.

Some who are particularly eager to drythe subject of the wardrobe, go even further. Do not need much ingenuity to think that things can be done dry with a conventional hair dryer. However, for this, the device will be needed more efficiently, and it is possible to dry it in such a way that it is a small thing.

Drying machine for clothes

Specialized drying for clothes

How quickly to dry clothes with the help of specialelectrical appliances? In addition to the usual iron, which you can iron a damp thing, there is a huge variety of such drying. They differ only by the principle of work. For example, an infrared dryer quickly brings things back in order with the above radiation. However, not all users can like it because of the high cost.

At the beginning of the article, we already mentioned a specialdryer for shoes. It is a tube-shaped device made on the contour of the human foot, and is usually designed immediately for a full pair of shoes. With sufficient power of the appliance, even the wetest, freshly washed shoes will dry very quickly. This type of dryer is also suitable if you are exposed to rain in bad weather.

What else can I do?

The next option is to use a drying cabinetclothes. If you have extra money for such pleasure or if you are the owner of an institution, then buying such a cabinet is what you need. Usually there is a place for shoes and outerwear inside. In such cases, clothes are dried quickly and qualitatively thanks to a special treatment with UV radiation. Warm soft air flows suitable for delicate fabrics, and for coarse work clothes, uniforms or sports suits. Thanks to the flexible power setting, you can adjust the speed of drying yourself to prevent tissue damage. Of course, not all clothes drying cabinets have all the functions, but if you do not mind spending money for such an investment, then you certainly will not be disappointed.

Infrared dryer

Practice different methods

Whatever was used by you drying forclothes, electric or usual, we will be happy if the advice you have read in this article will be useful to you. Someone decides that it is inexpedient to buy expensive equipment, since it requires additional costs and takes up a lot of space. Another person prefers convenience and comfort, spares no money for buying special electrical appliances. One thing we are certain of is that you do not have to worry about how quickly to dry clothes after reading this article.