The development of the child will help children's play mat

Already at the age of three to four weeks, babiesbegin to concentrate their attention on the surrounding objects and show curiosity. They can long consider a chandelier on the ceiling, a pattern on the wallpaper, a toy on the cradle, but after a while they get bored with all this. Children need more and more new experiences, and they move to the hands of adults, because from the height you can see so many interesting things. That's only moms who spend most of the day alone with the child, you need to do a lot of things. They can not always wear kids. And then the children's play mat comes to the aid of everyone.

playing mat
Modern gaming mats are realdeveloping centers. They help kids develop spatial coordination, thinking and creativity, train fine motor skills and experience various tactile sensations. Often, a game mat for a child can be equipped with special arcs, on which various toys are hung. Parents at their discretion can change the hanging items so that the child does not lose interest in them.

Manufacturers supplement the game matnumerous elements: here there are "rustling", pishchalki, mirrors, laces and inserts from various materials. Expensive models of rugs are supplied with musical panels, hitting on which the child can listen to a classical melody or play various sounds. Children learn a lot of skills thanks to the rug: first they learn to concentrate on individual objects, then they try to reach for toys, as a result they start turning over, and later they sit down.

gaming mat for baby

Baby mats come in a variety of shapes, sizes andconfigurations, depending on the age and needs of the children. There are mats and transformers. For example, the game mat Tiny Love "grows" with the child. The smallest children can be fixed in it using buttons on the sides. The child will lie and watch the toys on the arcs. After the side, you can unbutton, the area of ​​the rug will increase. Then it will be possible to remove the arcs, and the game mat itself is used to, for example, lay it on the floor in the cold season or take on nature and travel. So the child will always have his place for games. You can choose a mat and focusing on the sex of the child: Tiny Love has a wonderful gaming mat for girls "My Princess".

game pad tiny love

Do not save when buying a children's gamethe rug. First, it must be environmentally friendly and safe, and secondly, it should be of high quality. The game pad usually has to be washed often enough and it will be insulting if, as a result, it quickly loses its appearance. To prevent the rug from provoking the development of an allergy in a child, you should choose a product made from natural fabrics. It should not have sharp or prickly elements, its upper surface should be soft and pleasant to the touch. But the wrong side of the game mats, bona fide manufacturers do non-slip, this will help protect the child from injuries.