Why does the baby cry during feeding? Causes, prevention, recommendations

A little man who just appeared onlight, completely dependent on adults. This tender, most beloved and vulnerable lump has a lot to go through and learn a lot. Therefore, all young mothers are very worried about their babies and are interested in issues related to the development of the child up to a year, illness, feeding, sleeping, digestion, weight, behavior and others. This article will examine why the baby cries during feeding, and gives useful advice and advice.

why during feeding the child cries
Causes of crying of a newborn during feeding

All babies cry: someone more, someone less. It does not always have to worry parents. After all, until a certain age, crying is the only way to communicate the child with others. However, it is necessary to distinguish between its causes in order to take preventive measures in time. Therefore, one of the reasons for parents' anxiety is the question: "Why does the child cry when feeding?" This happens approximately as follows: the child greedily sucks the bottle or chest, then for a few minutes screams and starts to eat again. The reasons for this are the following:

feeding the baby

• nasal congestion;
• inflammation of the mouth;
• Preparation for teething;
• malnourished or impaired nutrition of the nursing mother;
• incorrect position when feeding an infant, which causes milk to come slowly or not enough;
• Otitis or inflammation of the middle ear - while the child is practically torn from crying;
Lactose intolerance (the baby twists and presses the legs to the tummy);
• baby intestinal colic - feeding the baby is accompanied by screaming, grumbling in the tummy. After the hawks are gone, the child calms down.

Why does the baby cry while feeding? Recommendations

Prevention of colic

In order to prevent colic in the tummy, it is necessary that the gaziks come out before feeding naturally. There are several ways:

• put the baby on his tummy for a couple of minutes, stroking his back;
• To stroke the stomach with massage movements, while attracting the legs to it;
• Warm up the abdominal cavity with a warmer, warm diaper or woolen shawl.

feeding newborns
How to apply the crumb to the breast correctly

Incorrect attachment to the breast may causethe swallowing of air or the slow arrival of milk, which can also be the cause of crying during feeding. Therefore, when feeding newborn babies, it is necessary to ensure that the karapuz tightly grips the nipple or nipple with the mouth. That the child does not choke in a dream and regurgitated "excess" air, it is necessary after feeding to hold it a little "a column", stroking while on the back.


With such serious reasons for screaming, like otitis,embedded spout, lactose intolerance, inflammation of the mouth, it is necessary to consult a specialist. Whatever the answer to the question: "Why does the child cry while feeding?", It is necessary to take appropriate measures and maintain self-control. If nerves can no longer stand, it is necessary to feed the baby and ask that relatives distract him. During this time you should relax and return to your little girl in a good mood.