"FrutoNyanya" - reviews. Baby food "FrutoNyanya": juices, mashed potatoes

In the first days of a child's life, all the necessarycomponents come into his body with mother's milk. Time passes, and the baby begins to need additional vitamins, which are contained in fruits, vegetables, meat and cottage cheese. Products of the company "FrutoNyanya" are the most adapted for children of all age categories, therefore mothers trust them safely with the health of their child.

Benefits of mashed potatoes for children

Experienced nutritionists assure the benefits of fruit andvegetable mixes for babies, but cautious mothers do not always trust leading manufacturers of children's products and think that they can cause a rash. Food allergies can occur in a child on almost any product, so attributing the blame to the food from the jars would be wrong.

Baby food "FrutoNyanya" does not contain sugar,which reduces the likelihood of developing a rash on the baby's body. Puree for the first complementary meal should consist of one vegetable or fruit. Cabbage and peas can cause a baby's flatulence, so it's better to start with carrots or zucchini. After mother's milk, the child needs to get more vitamins and nutrients, which are contained in fruits and vegetables, so the puree mixtures are so necessary for babies.

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What should be the right food for the baby?

In the first six months of life, childrenthe first teeth with which they make attempts to chew food. A mother may not wean the child from her breast and at the same time give him vegetable and fruit mixtures, chopped chicken or turkey meat. Together with "FrutoNyanya" food in the baby's body comes in the right amount. By the age of six months, the child at one meal should eat 50 g of the mixture, and by the year - twice as much. When the baby reaches the age of eight months, offer him a meat puree, which is also available in the "FrutoNyanya" assortment. If you want, you can combine vegetables and fruits, choosing, for example, a mixture of apple and pumpkin, carrots and pears. Watch the child's reaction to a new kind of mashed potatoes and gradually increase the dose, starting with the teaspoon. If he did not eat a new mixture, try to offer a similar composition in a few days. It is important to keep an open jar of puree in the refrigerator for no more than two hours.

Parents about nutrition "FrutoNyanya." Feedback and wishes

Young mummies, having bought a shop mash once,with pleasure continue to feed their child with a mixture every day. The combination of several kinds of fruits and vegetables is pleasant to the taste of all the small gourmets, and they gladly eat the contents, pleasing their parents with a good appetite.

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According to numerous reviews of moms and dads, babies canto reveal that in Russia approvingly refer to the products of "FrutoNyanya". The assortment is represented by fruit, vegetable and meat purees, porridges and juices. The products do not contain food dyes, artificial thickeners and harmful additives, so it does not cause allergy and irritation of the digestive tract in children. With proper storage, the baby does not risk poisoning, and instruction and advice on use prompts young mothers on what terms it is necessary to give this or that mixture. The volume of each jar is calculated for one meal, but according to the parents can be determined that they expect an increase in the amount of content.

Brand success story

Brand "FrutoNyanya" is known in the Russian market since 2000. All products are produced at the Progress plant in the Lipetsk region using modern equipment.

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For many years of success, more than 100names of children's food products, fit for use from the first days of life. Experienced nutritionists who have studied the baby's body, select a complex diet from the most necessary vitamins and components. Every year the assortment is replenished with new products, recommended to the kid and his mother. As a result of the survey, it was revealed that over 90% of Russians heard about the brand, and many chose the "FrutoNyanya" for the first food and subsequent nutrition. The water that the baby and his mother drinks must be cleaned and strained, so the brand produces non-carbonated artesian water in compact bottles that can be taken for a walk with a child or at home.

Product range

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"FrutoNyanya" is not only vegetable and fruitmashed potatoes, juices, but also porridges, puddings and compotes. In the first months of life, the baby should receive the best nutrition, which promotes healthy development. After the child tries the chopped meat and chicken, the mother can buy him puree with offal, which is recommended to include in the diet from eight months. A little later the child will try his first desserts - milk chocolate and berry mixtures. Functional drinks with extracts of medicinal herbs will fill the organism of babies with useful ingredients, and the juice of "Fruto Nyanya" will allow you to feel the full taste of an apple or carrots in one bottle. Manufacturers have developed mixtures with cream and cottage cheese, so that the child's body receives calcium; compote and jelly, made from natural bananas, strawberries and other berries, perfectly complement the kids breakfast or snack. A separate category of goods is produced for pregnant and lactating women.

Why "FrutoNyanya" puree is more useful than a mixture of own cooking

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With the current deficit of organic fruitsand vegetables it is very difficult to find an apple or pear from sunny Uzbekistan, rather than China, where everything is processed with chemicals for rapid growth. Coming to the store, buyers first pay attention to the appearance of the product, but in the case of berries or vegetables, this is unacceptable. The crushed side of an apple or a small hole made by a worm indicates the naturalness of the product, and before you take an ideally even fruit, you should consider how natural it is. From imported fruits there is an allergy even in adults, and babies can seriously poison them. "Fruto Nyanya" blends are made only from the highest quality products, therefore, buying another jar of baby food, you protect your child from toxic substances that may be contained in poor-quality fruits.

The view of business moms on "Frutonyanya"

The main advantage of baby food isin that it significantly saves the time and energy of parents who sometimes stand on the stove for days on end to cook dinner for the whole family, and separately for their little pet. Products for the child should always be fresh, so puree and juices will have to be cooked several times a day. Business mummies do not have enough time to clean the fruit, remove the stone and chop the fruit with a sieve or blender, so they prefer to buy baby food "FrutoNyanya" - reviews about this manufacturer are always the best.

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Juices and purees are made in compactjars, which the baby has enough for one meal. All products of industrial production are balanced, therefore the child receives vitamins and useful substances necessary for healthy development. Slightly hungry, the baby immediately begins to cry, which can irritate the young mother, if at this moment she is with him in the hospital, on a walk or away. Compact jars with baby food are placed even in a cosmetic bag, so they will always be at hand and will reassure the baby at any time.

What you need to prevent the baby from refusing food

Feeding should be comfortable for the childand the mother, so that it does not look like violence is food. If the kid is naughty and does not want to try a new menu, do not try to raise your voice or eat the whole mixture for it. In order for a baby to eat well, food intake must be varied with the elements of the game. Before you give your pet a new puree or cottage cheese, eat the first spoon yourself: the kid will see with what pleasure Mom tries his new dish, and immediately reaches for the additive. Children love the products of "FrutoNyanya", reviews of admiring parents confirm this. Jars with stickers, cardboard boxes with bright patterns distract the attention of the kids, and during the game the food intake accelerates.

We make fruit puree ourselves

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Experts recommend feeding children up toeight months of age with fruit and vegetable mixes. If you grow apples, pears and carrots on your own, you can rest assured that the fruits are absolutely harmless and will benefit the children's body.

Young mothers often take their kids food"FrutoNyanya", reviews confirm the high quality of the produced mixtures and juices. However, not every family can afford to buy a baby a day of several jars of expensive food. To prepare apple puree yourself, the kitchen should have the following items of household appliances: blender, juicer, steamer.

It is important to start with vegetable puree, otherwise babyso get used to the sweet fruit that will give up everything else. Fruits must be cleaned, seeds and septums removed, and then boiled in boiling water or steamed. Place the pulp in a blender, chop until smooth and add a little water if the mash becomes too thick. Feed your baby not very hot with fresh mashed potatoes, and by the age of nine months, start giving two- and three-component mixtures. Proper nutrition will ensure your child's healthy development, and you will be proud of his first successes. "FrutoNyanya" will please the little pranksters with a variety of tastes, and their parents - a pleasant price.