What holidays in April are celebrated in Russia?

Holidays are a great occasion to gather forone table with a large family, finally meet friends, give and receive gifts. They adorn the human life, which, in most cases, consists of monotonous everyday life. Holidays unite people regardless of how old they are and what position they occupy in society.

In April there are a lot of holidays. Among them there are those who are celebrated exclusively in our country. So, to a person living in Russia, what holidays should be celebrated in April?

The most gay

And already on the first April day, which isThis year falls on a Sunday, the Day of Laughter is celebrated. Of course, this holiday is informal, it is not declared a day off, it does not mean an exchange of gifts. But he is very fond of children, young people, as well as those adults who are not deprived of a sense of humor. People are rushing to please each other with funny jokes and funny jokes.

Holidays in April

Health Day

April 7 (this year - on Saturday) comesWorld Health Day. As in other countries of the world, this day in our country is used to attract the attention of the population to such a problem as the improvement of the health care system. People call on each other to take care of their health and the health of their loved ones.

Cosmonautics Day

April 12 (this year it will be Thursday)one of the most significant holidays in April - the Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics. Each of the people living in Russia is proud of the fact that it was Yuri Gagarin - a Soviet man - who made the first space flight in the world. Thanks to him, a new era began, in which the conquest of the cosmos became a reality for man.

What holidays in April

Taking care of nature

April 15 (in 2018 falls on Sunday)Day of ecological knowledge is celebrated. This holiday is necessary, if only because it reminds people: the problems of ecology are problems that concern absolutely everyone. The quality of life, the state of health, the future of children and grandchildren - this and much more depends on nature. The events that take place on this holiday, in most cases are of an informational nature.

Anniversary of the Battle of Ice

There are holidays in April that remind people ofglorious pages of Russian history. In 1242, on April 18, there was an event that went down in history as the Battle of the Ice: the army led by Alexander Nevsky on Lake Peipsi overcame the knights of the Livonian Order.

The Feast of Our Planet

Some holidays in April every yearthe entire population of the planet. April 22, it is customary to celebrate International Earth Day. On this holiday information events are held, in which the main idea is the saving of natural resources. By tradition, many homes and organizations on Earth turn off the light for an hour.

What holidays in April in Russia

Religious holidays

What holidays in April celebrate allOrthodox population of Russia? April 1 - Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday). On Saturday, April 7, Orthodox Russians celebrate the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin. And on April 8 the most important Christian religious holiday is celebrated - the Bright Sunday (Easter).