The best smart watches: rating and reviews

Love wearing a watch, depend on this accessory? And what are they like: mechanical, quartz, electronic? We bring to your attention a novelty in the field of wrist accessories, which, strictly speaking, has long been no novelty. This is a smart watch, or, as they are also called, "smart watches". In this article, we'll talk about them, get acquainted with their varieties. And also present to your attention several ratings of smart watches.

What is a smart watch

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The history of smart watch begins in 1972, whenthe company Pulsar introduced the world its then know-how - electronic watches. Then we were surprised and anticipated watching the clock, endowed with artificial intelligence in various fantastic movies. Until finally, guys from Pebble did not combine a large number of functions in one portable gadget.

In appearance, this is an ordinary wrist watch, butliterally stuffed with huge functionality. They still determine the time, and on this similarity of two representatives of hand accessories end. Smart representative is designed to reduce the use of a smartphone, because on its screen it displays messages and system notifications, accepts emails, reflects the correspondence in social networks. The remote interlocutor can be answered with clocks using built-in templates, or by dictating a message that the gadget converts to text and sends. The minimum set of smart watch features includes a Bluetooth module, an accelerometer, a vibrating signal. The rest of the set of hardware capabilities and software eventuality depends on the particular model.

The industry of wearable gadgets has evolvedswiftly. Additional features of the developers in their time vesting pendants, bracelets, headphones. Today's sports chronometers, activity bracelets and fitness trackers remain at the peak of popularity. But smart watch is the apotheosis of all achievements in the world of portable electronics. The rating of smart watches is always on the move, each company seeks to interest the consumer with another novelty equipped with yet another new feature. So, it is interesting to trace the way of development of the gadget from the moment of its appearance on the market.

2010 year. Sony launches Sony Ericsson LiveView.

year 2012. She also offers a new model called SmartWatch, hence the accessory takes its name.

year 2013. Samsung releases its watch - Galaxy Gear.

year 2014. There are LG G Watch, the first clock, operating on the android operating system.

year 2014. The familiar square dial Moto 360 changes to a round one.

2014 year, the autumn. Apple presents its long-awaited Apple Watch.

2015 year. On the market there are advanced models with an expanded model line of all leading manufacturers of digital electronics.

Since then, all major manufacturers are constantly experimenting with the functionality of the devices, their appearance, trying to take the top lines of smart watch ratings.

What a Smart Clock Does

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Depending on the set of functions, the gadget can be conditionally divided into 2 types:

  • Those that work with a binding to a smartphone;
  • acting independently of him.

The first category of the clock is synchronized withsmartphone with the help of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Therefore, the operation of the device is directly related to the type of operating system of the phone. Judging by the rating of smart android watches, tied to the Android OS, they remain to this day the most popular. So, the modern gadget can:

  • receive phone calls, messages, emails;
  • Send short template answers to the interviewee;
  • perceive commands in voice;
  • To monitor the activity of communities in social networks;
  • adjust to sleep phases;
  • notify about changes in the state of health, measure the pulse, take steps and consumed calories;
  • perform the functions of a navigator;
  • control the operation of the audio player;
  • find the location of the smartphone.

In the need to link the watch to the phone for security reasons, you can be sure, based on the rating of the best smart hours for children. Details on children's gadgets read below.

The second category of portable electrical engineeringworks independently, without binding to the smartphone. If the watch is equipped with a SIM card slot, they will receive a phone call and will be connected to the Internet. Perhaps, for someone a smart watch - this is a worthy alternative to a rather cumbersome phone. But we do not have to count on expanding the possibilities of such watches.

Kinds of smart watch

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Smart watches offer their owner various uses and depending on which they fall into two categories:

  1. Clock with analog interface. They look like an ordinary watch with a physical dial and arrows. The models of this category perfectly cope with the function of the fitness tracker. Improved devices will notify their "owner" about incoming call, message, play music on the smartphone, can control his camera. With the function of the user's activity, the clock copes without any complaints.
  2. Clock with a digital interface. The screen of such devices is electronic, capable of forming a pixel picture on its surface. This is the representatives of smart watch in their widest common sense, they are included in the top ratings of smart watches.

The vast majority of portable "clever"is included in this category, in spite of the fact that radically different variants converged here. Therefore, they, in turn, are divided into devices:

  • not having a full-fledged operating system,respectively, excluding the possibility of installing third-party applications on them (they will show notifications, display the weather, trigger an alarm clock, but this limits their capabilities);
  • with a full-fledged operating system, wherethere is a possibility to adjust the appearance of the clock, its dial, icons of applications (loading additional applications and updates of the OS leads to functional changes).

It should be noted waterproof abilitymodels from famous brands. They are not afraid of rain, nor short-term shallow diving. But to abuse this possibility is still not recommended.

How to choose: tips

In order not to be mistaken with a choice and not to be disappointed with the smart watch, one should listen to the following simple tips before buying them.

Answer yourself to the question: "Why do I need a smart clock?". Perhaps you are just interested in a curious novelty, decided to "play" in a toy. Buy an inexpensive Chinese model - get a full idea of ​​the capabilities of a portable gadget, play enough and understand whether it is worth buying a more expensive device. Perhaps you want to use the functionality of smart watches, track calls and messages. For example, if your smartphone is ringing when you are driving a car, there is no need to fuss and get it, because it's enough to look at the dial of your "smart guy" and decide on further actions. Another answer: you want to use the functions of the fitness tracker, tracking the steps and counting calories with the help of smart clocks. Well, or high technology - it's all yours, that's why you follow all the novelties and enjoy using them.

The appearance of the watch is of paramount importance. Always on your hand, the gadget should reflect your style, harmonize with it, delight you. It is very important that the materials from which it was made are pleasant, evoke positive sensations. It is also important to provide for the possibility of changing the bracelet from the watch, then they will be appropriate to look in any situation. The model range of wrist devices is quite large, there are women's, and men's, and children's, and sports. Listen to your taste, and the rating of smart watches can help you decide the choice.

The first two councils are priorities. It no longer makes sense to pay attention to any of the characteristics. Believe me, neither the power of the processor, nor the characteristics of the operating system, nor the amount of memory is irrelevant, since the performance of smart-watches is almost the same. On the one hand, the AMOLED screen can make the picture more juicy, but if you liked with a round dial and with IPS, choose the latter, you still will not feel the difference. Moreover, do not hesitate to purchase last year's models, smart watches become obsolete very slowly, and you can buy a decent device at a lower price. Since a smart watch is not at all a basic necessity, it should primarily be aesthetic pleasure.

Expensive smart watch

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Our rating of the best smart watches we will start withpresentation of premium models. They are made of high-quality materials, have a great multifunctionality, and last much longer. All popular brands make every effort to create first-class models.


Faithful admirers of the "apple" appreciatedquality accessory: assembly as always at height, stylish aluminum case, durable glass with sapphire coating, the choice of strap - fabric, silicone or leather. Performance is increased and applications are launched in a fraction of seconds. Clocks receive SMS, voice messages, calls, there are calendar, video, audio functions; Fitness functions are represented by a pedometer, a calorie counter, a heart rate monitor, an accelerometer, a gyroscope. Beautiful, powerful, comfortable.


Model for active people, travelers. High-strength glass, anti-glare screen, protective steel ring, comfortable reliable buttons, waterproof and standby mode for more than 6 weeks. The GLONASS system allows you to accurately determine your location. Fitness functions are extended, the gadget gives recommendations on restorative measures after the end of training, measures the pulse, counts the number of strokes made and the distance traveled. For swimming and skiing there are special profiles. A timer, a barometer, a compass expand the possibilities from its use. Of the minuses, the device is massive.


Stylish, elegant, functional. The steel case has a round shape, there is the possibility of changing the design of the dial and straps, switching functions with the bezel. The fitness tracker records physical activity and sends to the screen encouraging messages that stimulate the start of training. Of the minuses, users note the fragility of straps.


Closes the rating model without a screen and with a smallfunctional. Completely made of stainless steel, which makes it reliable, but heavy. The clock is synchronized with the smartphone using Bluetooth, which allows you to use their additional functions: mail, timer, stopwatch, calendar. The watch is large, heavy, equipped with a solar battery charging.

Sports models

rating of smart sports watches
Sports watches are a convenient attribute for those who need to constantly maintain themselves in excellent physical shape. Below is the rating of smart sports watches.


In the top sports models the device came out on the first place. It is called a "Swiss knife" in this category. Suitable for all sports and for outdoor activities.


The model will become a "personal trainer" for amateursrunning, hiking, cycling. During training, displays information about the heart rate. The clock is pre-installed with a fitness test that allows you to track the progress of your physical condition and motivates you to get the best result. The function of returning to the starting point of the route will relieve the fear of getting lost. All training data is automatically transferred to a special application, and each lesson can be analyzed in detail. The clock records the daily activity, the duration of sleep, the number of calories, and the steps that have been taken. In addition, they are waterproof and autonomous.


The model is designed for runners. Bright contrast color display and the "virtual partner" function make gambling and boring. The pulse meter is built-in, no additional sensors. The activity tracker allows you to display the achievement of a goal. GLONASS together with GPS quickly and accurately calculate the coordinates of the location, it will not get lost. Calories are calculated by heart rate. Easy convenient model, allowing you to change the appearance of the mood.


The model is suitable for professional sportsmen, andlovers of outdoor activities. The watch will help you to prove yourself in the running, crossfire, cycling and swimming. The chest sensor, which controls the heart rate, comes complete. The device will measure the speed and distance traveled, the swimmers will count the number of strokes and determine the style, the cyclists will help determine the frequency of the scrolling of the pedals, and recording on a special service will allow to analyze the whole process.


Closes the rating of smart watches for sports simpleand convenient Polar A360. The gadget will not allow to sit up, in time having reminded of necessity of physical activity. With its help, there is an intelligent calorie count, pulse rate. The possibility of using sports profiles will help determine the type of training and setting new tasks.

Smart watches from China, rating

smart watches china rating
We have already many times convinced that it is inexpensive -this does not mean cheap. Most of this means that people who do not want to overpay for the brand, choose more budget models. This also applies to smart watches. Therefore, below is the rating of smart watches from China, which are much cheaper than their European and American counterparts.

NO.1 D5 +

Combines the function of smartphone and smart watch. The design of the watch is simple, but stylish. Make a call or send an SMS message does not make any difficulty with this gadget. The SIM card slot and Wi-Fi connection to the Internet lead the device to the category of smart third-generation watches. With it you can use instant messengers such as Skype and WhatsApp. The gadget determines the location of its user, and the ease of use has led to the leaders of the TOP.


The model was developed by Samsung in 2016. Android operating system, the ability to autonomously use and store multiple applications, a capacious battery and a long working life, connect to the Internet at high speed and elegant sports design like people regardless of their age. Smart clocks adapt to telecommunication systems and offer a large number of intellectual capabilities.


Smart watch rating of Chinese manufacturercontinues their worthy representative. The Android operating system is suitable for most consumers, 3G communication provides high speed when working with the Internet. The data exchange function allows you to use the watch independently of the phone, and the built-in camera - take pictures at any time. HD-screen, LCD-display, A7 processor and 8 GB of memory draw attention to the model.


The round display of a smart watch personifies itselfspecial style. The gadget is adapted to use any SIM cards, access to the Internet allows you to receive and send files, and also gives the opportunity to communicate with other users. Compatible with smartphones running on Android and iOS. Also, the device is equipped with a fitness tracker function, it measures the pulse rate and pressure. In addition, the gadget is offered at a very affordable price.


Closes the TOP model, which users in allthe world was appreciated for its unique speed, responsiveness and large amount of memory. With it you can easily answer the call, exchange files, start Internet applications, listen to music audio files. The location function works in real time. With the help of the clock, you can contact any other device using Bluetooth. The classic design of the watch and the excellent equipment make the device popular.

Budget Smart Clock

Below you are offered a rating of inexpensive smart watches. Budget gadgets are chosen by users who want to enjoy good functionality without fear to damage the device.


Chinese "wise man" looks like his"apple" brother: a metal case, a silicone bracelet. The screen of the device is touch-sensitive, there is a 1.3 MP camera, an audio-video player, a SIM card slot and a memory card, a calendar, an alarm clock, an organizer, calorie counting.


The case is made of high-quality plastic, siliconebracelet, laser pulse meter, working in real time, the ability to work with a special application, the waterproof function allows you to dive with scuba underwater to a depth of 30 meters.


Stylish design of the body in the spirit of minimalismis made of stainless steel, its surface is carefully polished, which causes pleasant tactile sensations. Touch screen, convenient function management, advanced fitness tracker.


Another "Chinese" who has a fairly solidappearance. Textured metal case, touch-screen LCD with backlight, the possibility of changing the strap (leather, rubber, metal). Can work as a standalone device, there are functions "anti-clock" and "search for the phone."

Smart watches for children

rating of smart watches for children
As soon as the child enters the period of adulthood andindependence, the peace of parents comes to an end. Cumbersome smartphones are uncomfortable, a child can accidentally forget, drop, lose it. Therefore, the demand for compact children's smart watch is as relevant as ever. So, we offer a rating of smart children's watches.


Simplified functionality of smart watches is designedperform the main purpose: to report the location of the child and to give him the opportunity to send an SOS signal in an emergency. The device is equipped with GPS and Wi-Fi, it has a slot for the sim card, an accelerometer, a function of moisture protection.


Massive plastic case, large display withbacklight, silicone strap. Moisture protection, the ability to track the movement of the child for the day and determine its exact coordinates in real mode, the SOS button and the function of implementing a hidden call.


The rating of smart watches for children continues the model"ala-fixings." The location function and the SOS button, and besides them the possibility to insert a SIM card into the device, record 60 phone numbers, moisture resistance, microphone, speaker.


Bright plastic case, large screen,Accelerometer, counting steps and calories, alarm clock, the ability to send voice and written messages. Well, of course, the alarm button and precise definition of coordinates.


The rating of smart children's watches closes the firstadult gadget. No definition of the child's coordinates, but a full set of serious devices: a large color touch screen, synchronization with the smartphone, equipping the functions of a calculator, an alarm clock, calendar, recorder, stopwatch and a timer. There is an opportunity to play games, and also take a picture with the built-in camera. In a word, everything is like adults.

Best Smart Watches: Top Reviews

The final rating of smart watches is based on customer feedback and is presented in the form of a list of model names:

  • Apple Watch Series 2.
  • Garmin Fenix ​​5.
  • Huawei Watch 2.
  • Samsung Gear S3.
  • Sony SmartWatch 3.
  • Tag Heuer Connected.

This rating of smart watches according to reviews is relevant for the fall of 2017.