Dolls "Pinky Pai" - the limit of every girl's dreams!

A huge place in the life of each child is occupied bytoys. These are the very first and most faithful friends and companions in such a large and unexplored world. It is very important that moms and dads take seriously the acquisition of new toys and are guided not by their own preferences, but by the interests of the child. Parents also have to take care that only quality and safe "friends" get into the hands of the baby.

Today, huge popularity among girlsthe planet is used by the dolls "Pinky Pai" - the heroes of the very colorful, kind and beloved cartoon of Equestria Girls. If your little one looked at least one series of this interesting cartoon, then she dreams of such a doll!

dolls kicks pai

Colorful heroine

Dolls "Pinky Pai" are significantly different fromother dolls, which can be seen on the shelves of modern stores with goods for children. They are bright, expressive, have long multi-colored hair and look at us with their wide-open good eyes. Each doll corresponds to its heroine from the cartoon, so it's worth to find out from your princess which of the pony girls she likes best to buy exactly that long-awaited doll.

They move!

Dolls "Pinky Pai" stand out also because, inthe difference from the pupae of other producers or the heroines of other animated series, have movable and bending limbs that will make any game with such a girlfriend even more fun. The toy can be changed, combed and even made to it by various styling. All the dolls "Pinky Pai" are made so that even the most active games do not damage the integrity of the product, that is, their quality is more than high.

Allow your little girl to change her girlfriend, because such manipulations will develop fine motor skills of fingers.

More fun to play together!

doll pony kicks pai

The manufacturer took care of parentscould fully pamper their daughters, so on sale not so long ago there was a doll-pony "Pinkie Pie", that is, the interpretation of the main character when she was in the Looking Glass, before she got to our world and found her friends at the school Canterlot High . By the way, pony pupae are also mobile, big enough, they have expressive eyes, corresponding color and surprisingly soft, long manes that your baby can comb through the game. With such ponies, girls like to play even more than with ordinary dolls, as each small representative of a gentle sex dreams of having her own magic pony and feel like a fairy-tale heroine, and you have such a simple dream to realize.

Why should you buy the original?

Since the cartoon on the territory of our countryis quite popular, and many girls want to get such a toy as a gift, on the shelves of shops with children's products you can meet and dolls "Pinky Pai" of questionable quality.

In order not to present your dear daughter with a bad or even a dangerous toy, take the selection process seriously.

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Quality doll completely corresponds to the outward appearancehis heroine, well done, has a clear face print and smells nice. It must necessarily be mobile! Quality doll My Little Pony "Pinky Pie" will last a very long time for your baby, and all days spent with a cute toy will be bright and unforgettable.