Holidays in August, which are celebrated in Russia

Our whole life is unthinkable without festive days,which make it brighter and more interesting. In August, there are many holidays in Russia. Some of them are fun and noisy, others carry useful information (Earth Day), and some remind people of glorious past deeds (Victory Day, Cosmonautics Day). Every month of the year is celebrated with many holidays. What are the holidays in August?

holidays in August

August 1

The first day of August is significant at the same time with several holidays: the Day of the Special Communications Service of Russia, the All-Russian Day of the Collector and the Rear of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Airborne Forces Day

The second day of August is considered the Day of the Airborne Forces of the Russian Federation. It is a holiday of valor, courage and heroism. This year this holiday will be celebrated for the 88th time.

Beer Day

On August 4, beer lovers celebrate Internationalthe day of your favorite drink. An interesting fact: beer is the most consumed drink in the whole world. The first to produce beer was the ancient Egyptians back in the third century BC.

Three Feasts of Railway Workers

On the fifth day of August, a holiday at the regulating road device, which appeared in our country in 1930. This day is considered the International Day of the traffic lights.

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The next day is significant for the Railway Daytroops of the Russian Federation. In 2018 this holiday will be celebrated for the 22nd time. Thanks to people for whom this holiday is professional, delivery and protection of military cargoes is ensured. They also often participate in operations to neutralize terrorists.

On the same day, the railway workers celebrate their holiday in August.

August 7-8

The seventh day of August is significant for employees of special communication and information of the FSO of the Russian Federation.

August 8 is a special day for fans of extreme sports and, of course, incorrigible romantics - climbers. This holiday in August is celebrated all over the world.

In memory of the glorious victories

On August 9, it was significant for the Battle of Cape Gangut, which occurred in the distant 1714.

August 23 will be the anniversary date from the day of the Battle of Kursk - 75 years.

12-13 and 15-16 August

On August 12, the International Youth Day will be celebrated for the 123rd time. This day is marked by various events that are of a cultural, mass, information and political nature.

holidays in August in Russia

The same day is significant for the Day of the Air Force of the Russian Federation and the Day of the Athlete.

August 13 is the day of professional holiday for builders. This day will be celebrated for the 63rd time.

Not everyone knows what a holiday is on August 15. This day is marked by a professional holiday of archeologists - representatives of the profession, implying not only contact with history, but also life away from home and relatives, risk and unsettled life.

August 16 is a special day for all sweet tooth - Day of raspberry jam. On this day, you must definitely taste fresh jam.

August 19

The nineteenth day of August is significant in the afternoonthe birth of a Russian vest. Initially, the vest was used as the distinctive clothing of the sailors. Working with sails, thanks to her, they were well visible on the rivers. Subsequently, this clothing has become traditional. Emperor Alexander II made it an obligatory element of sea clothes on the 19th of July. Particularly beloved vest became in the paratroopers.

On the same day in August, the World Photography Day is celebrated, when professional and novice photography masters organize exhibitions and theme nights.

Another Day in August was Dayhomeless animals. It is celebrated around the world for about 20 years. It was invented with a specific purpose: to tell society about the problem of cruel attitude towards the lesser brothers. Many countries have organized special shelters for homeless animals.

August 22

Every year on August 22 - Day of the Stateflag of Russia. As early as 1896, at the behest of Tsar Nicholas II, the white-blue-red cloth appeared as the main state symbol in Russia. Great October replaced it with a red flag. In 1994, the tricolor was returned. The Day of the National Flag is an official holiday in Russia. On this day, solemn mass events are organized, as well as concerts and festivities.

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August 27th

This day in Russia is considered the Day of Russian Cinema. Russian (Soviet) cinematography has experienced more than one crisis. Today we can talk about the revival of Russian cinema.

The last day of August

Holidays in August end with the Day of the blog. By the number of bloggers, Russia ranks 10th in the world.