Putin's birthday: when, how and where the president celebrates the holiday

birthday of Vladimir Putin
The birthday of Vladimir Putin falls on 7October. In 2013 he turned 61 years old. A gift for the head of state is a special matter. This time, Putin's birthday was held on the island of Bali. There, the president took part in the APEC summit. The beginning of the plenary session was unusual. Before inviting high-ranking guests to the meeting room, the Indonesian president picked up a guitar and began singing the celebrated song Happy Birthday To You. The other members of the delegation at first simply clapped, and then joined it. The culmination of the congratulation was a festive cake made by the head of the Indonesian National Organizing Committee. In history, there was a similar incident: on the 45th birthday of US President John F. Kennedy, the song "Happy Birthday" was performed by the charming Marilyn Monroe. Perhaps Putin does not so clearly remember the performance of the Indonesian leader, but judging by the way he reacted, we can conclude that the surprise was a success.

President Putin's birthday

What else did they give to Putin on his birthday?

President Putin is congratulated not only with songs.Over the past decade, a collection of his gifts replenished with a replica of Monomakh's cap, it was made by Russian jewelers for the 50th anniversary of Vladimir Vladimirovich; a map of federal districts, made of jasper. In addition, they like to present animals to the president. A striking example of this is the 2000 Labrador Label named Connie. The present was made by Sergei Shoigu, who at that time held the post of Minister for Emergency Situations. Putin's birthday in 2012 was a jubilee. The head of state celebrated his 60th birthday. And again it was not without living things: a student of the journalist of the Moscow State University, Alisa Kharcheva, presented Vladimir Vladimirovich a kitten, and the Dagestan resident Magomed Nikamagomedov brought a live sheep! In 2011, when Putin was in the post of prime minister of Russia, the members of the political youth movement "Nashi" lined up in the form of a figure of 59 with candles in their hands. A year earlier, for 58 years, Putin received an erotic calendar from students of the Moscow State University. The girls made frank pictures and placed them on the calendar. On this their imagination did not run low, and the next gift was a coloring book about two boys - Vova and Dima.

birthday of Putin

How passes Putin's birthday?

Most often, Putin celebrates his birthday innative Petersburg. For all his work as head of state, he never took weekends for the holiday. During the day, working meetings are held, and in the evening the culprit of the celebration gathers guests in one of the restaurants of the northern capital. Some events are quite extensive, others are limited to dinner with relatives and friends. In those places where Putin's birthday is celebrated, there is a "presidential menu". It is dominated by dishes of Russian cuisine: borsch, royal ear, salted salmon, pickled mushrooms, boiled potatoes, meat assortment "frying pan", sterlet. From drinks they serve vodka, kvass, tea with jam. In the family circle Putin celebrated his birthday only three times - in 2001, 2004, 2012.