March holidays in Russia and in the world

The first month of spring is one of the richest invarious celebrations and dates. March holidays are celebrated both on the territory of Russia and in all countries in the world. Among them there are ecclesiastical, professional, international, world-wide.

Holidays in March church

March 6 in Ukraine celebrate the day of the Kozelshchansky holy image of the Mother of God. The miraculous image today resides in the Intercession Monastery in Krasnogoria, which belongs to the Kyiv diocese.

holidays in March church

The 7th Orthodox Church celebrates the significant in itslife event: the discovery of the relics of the saints in Tsargrad near the Eugene Gate. In the 5th century, multiple instances of healing were noted here, and after a while, the secret burial of the relics of a large number of Christian martyrs who died during the persecution of Christians was discovered. In the 12th century a temple was erected on this site.

All march this year the Orthodox observeThe Great Lent (from February 23 to April 11). March 14 is the parental Saturday of the third week of fasting, the day when the believers come to the cemeteries to remember the deceased relatives.

On the 15th the day of the miraculous icon of Our Lady of the Savior is celebrated. The icon is located in the village of Kolomenskoye near Moscow, in the Kazan church.

On the 17th - the memory of St. Gerasimus, rectorcreated by him the monastery in the Jordanian desert. Was for the brethren a model of piety. Having met a wounded lion in the desert, he healed him, for which the wild beast served him until his death.

Holidays in March, the church does not belong to the great, for the most part these are the days of the memory of the saints.

Spring holidays in March

March is the first month of spring, and it is on him that the main holidays for the renewal of nature occur.

March 1 celebrates the arrival of spring. On this day, remember the legend of a brave young man who saved the Sun from the Serpent and died in battle. Where his blood spilled to the ground, snowdrops appeared - the first flowers of spring.

March holidays

March 20-21 - the day of the astronomical change of seasons- the vernal equinox. The solar disk passes over the celestial equator and, therefore, gives the same amount of light to both hemispheres. The duration of the day and night is the same - 12 hours.

The 22nd festival of the meeting of spring and the arrival of birds - Magpies. An ancient folk festival, reviving in our time.

Professional March holidays

Representatives of the following professions celebrate their days in Russia in the first spring month:

March 1 is the holiday of the forensic expert. In 1919 the criminalistic service of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs was established.

March 10 is a celebration in honor of archivists. It is performed from the day of signing by Peter I of the state act on the introduction of archives in all state bodies of power and the establishment of a public office of an actuary (archivist). It happened in 1720.
11th - celebrations in honor of employees of drug control agencies. The holiday exists since 2008.

12th - celebrations for employeespenitentiary system. In March 1879, Alexander III issued a decree, which required the establishment of a prison department. This was the first step towards the formation in the state of a unified system of execution of punishments.

On the 16th - a holiday of security service in the regioneconomy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 1937, under the Main Directorate of Militia attached to the USSR Commissariat of Internal Affairs, a department was formed to combat the theft of socialist property and speculation (OBKhSS).
19th - Day of the seaman-submariner. By the decree of Nicholas II in 1906 a new class - submarines - entered the fleet.

March holidays in the world

23rd employees of the hydrometeorological service of Russia celebrate their holiday. It has been celebrated since 2008.

On the 25th since 2007, the day of Russian culture workers is celebrated.

27th - inauguration of the Day of Internaltroops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Special armed forces created to maintain order and ensure the safety of the population, as well as to provide assistance after natural disasters, appeared in the early 19th century.

On the 29th - a holiday of lawyers serving in the Armed Forces. Formed in 2006.

In addition, this month around the globe celebrate: March 3 - Day of the writer and 9 th - DJ.

World and International Holidays

Holidays in March in the world are marked by a wide variety, according to the traditions and historical events of each country. But there are events and phenomena that are significant for all peoples.

March 1 is a day dedicated to civil defense. His countries, members of the International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO), whose charter was signed in March, are celebrating.

March 8 - International Women's Day.

On the 21st - a festival of poets all over the world.

March holidays

23rd - celebrations in honor of meteorologists.

27th - International Day of Theater.

In addition, there are such internationalMarch holidays, like the days of cats and beer (March 1), the days of struggle against dams and the number of "Pi" (March 14), days of astrology, happiness, land, forest (March 20), day of puppeteer (March 21).

In the March holidays, it is customary for us to provide a weekend only on March 8. Other holidays are usual working days.