What is the first uzi during pregnancy?

Ultrasound examination is mandatoryprocedure for a pregnant woman. The main task is to determine the condition of the fetus and its environment, the correctness of the development of the baby, to reveal at the early stage various diseases. In time, the diagnosis is made to facilitate prompt treatment and avoid the birth of children with various vices and diseases. The procedure in the early stages or the very first uzi during pregnancy can reveal a threat of miscarriage, which is very important for the preservation and normal course of pregnancy.

The first uzi in pregnancy is prescribedgynecologist within 12 weeks. The following procedures are carried out on terms of about 24 and 32 weeks. This applies to pregnancy with a normal course and without any problems. But if the bearing of the child is accompanied by a constant threat of miscarriage, the tone of the uterus and other diagnoses, then the uzi is prescribed as needed.

Quite often this procedure is applied both as athe method of determining pregnancy or its elimination. Many women do not completely trust the tests, but the uzi in the first weeks of pregnancy guarantees accurate diagnosis. Modern equipment can see the fetus from a three-week period. The most important advantage of early diagnosis is the elimination or confirmation of an ectopic pregnancy that threatens the life of a woman. The embryo outside the uterus is seen from about five weeks.

So, the observing gynecologist has a procedureultrasound examination at 12 weeks. Why do you need to do the first uzi during pregnancy? This term can be called a kind of a border, a transition from the stage of the embryo to the stage of the fetus. Virtually all the organs of the baby are developed and began to function. Children's place, placenta, all the necessary attributes for a favorable development work fine, the fetus receives nutrients and oxygen through the umbilical cord. Although the kid is only about the size of a decimeter, it has the outline of a little man with an enlarged head.

This is the ideal course of pregnancy when the fetuscorresponds to the term, everything is good for him, he is provided with everything necessary. But, unfortunately, not always everything is so rosy. It is for the detection of the slightest deviations in development that the first uzi is administered during pregnancy on a twelve-week period.

The specialist will make measurements of the fetus fordetermine the correctness of the anatomical structure. It is very important to measure the collar zone to exclude chromosomal abnormalities (Down Syndrome). All the internal organs of the baby will be examined for the correctness of the structure and functioning, the heart rate is measured. The placenta must be inspected, its development, the place of attachment, whether the fetus is supplied with the necessary amount of oxygen. The threat of interruption, anomalies in development is diagnosed. The exact date will be set and the estimated date of delivery is appointed. There are a lot of studies and all of them are important for a favorable course of pregnancy.

The term of 12 weeks was chosen not by chance.If the first uzi during pregnancy has revealed anomalies in development or other terrible diagnoses, parents still have time for making a decision about maintaining this pregnancy.

Among many mummies, there is talk ofthe harmfulness of the procedure. In fact, there is no harm and the frequency of examination by ultrasound does not affect the development of the baby. It is only the time of the procedure that is important, but all the specialists who conduct the study know the time frame well and do not exceed them.

If the equipment is good and the expert is sufficiently experienced, then at such a short time you can see the sex of the baby.