Respiratory gymnastics for pregnant women: rules of implementation, sets of exercises

Pregnancy ... This is a wonderful waiting time for the babyis connected not only with happy excitements and preparatory efforts. The period of joy is also accompanied by various anxieties, fatigue, physical and emotional stress. In order to ease the condition of a woman and help her prepare for childbirth, there are many techniques. One of them is breathing exercises for pregnant women.

What is it for?

Respiratory gymnastics is aimed at ensuring that,first, to influence various organs in the human body, and secondly, to expand the capabilities of the respiratory system itself. By now, breathing exercises are very developed. There are many different methods and complexes for every taste (by the way, everyone's favorite yoga is one of the varieties of this gymnastics).

Why is respiratory gymnastics important for pregnant women?

The process of the birth of a new personis amazing and unique. And just as amazing is everything that happens during the preparation for this event in the body of the future mother. It absolutely changes, fundamentally rebuilding all of its systems. The heart starts to beat more often - there is a tachycardia, otherwise hormones work, immunity decreases, the load on the spine and all kinds of muscles increases. A woman is more and more tired, and her mood can change every second. It is to help the expectant mother to cope with her new condition, rather to adapt to it and help her body to easily survive the whole difficult period of pregnancy, and then a rather painful process of delivery, doctors and recommend to certainly engage in respiratory gymnastics for pregnant women.

Breathing exercises for pregnant women

Many women perceive pregnancy asillness, and therefore try to lead as sedentary-recumbent way of life as possible (well, and to say quite frankly, in many respects it is facilitated by natural sloth-mother). They believe that a calm state will better affect the baby. But, as a rule, these women forget that in the absence of even minimal loads, the muscles atrophy, blood circulation worsens - all this can subsequently negatively affect the process of childbirth. To be sure that everything will go smoothly, gymnastics must be engaged.

Indications for breathing exercises

To the question: "Can I do respiratory gymnastics during pregnancy?" The answer is unequivocal: "It is possible and even necessary." And there are no specific indications here - respiratory gymnastics should certainly be followed by all pregnant women, except for those cases when this is contraindicated for any reasons (more on this issue below). Therefore, before starting such exercises, it is necessary to consult with your doctor-gynecologist.

Contra-indications for occupations

To be engaged in respiratory gymnastics during pregnancy in no event it is impossible, if:

  • a woman before had a pregnancy that ended unsuccessfully in the early term;
  • the tone of the uterus is observed;
  • there is a pronounced toxicosis;
  • there are chronic or viral diseases;
  • there is a risk of termination of pregnancy;
  • there were bleeding;
  • if a woman is overworked or has recently undergone surgery.

In any case, once again, it is worthwhile to emphasize: without consulting a doctor to do anything, including breathing exercises, a pregnant woman should not.

Advantages and disadvantages

What are the benefits and disadvantages of breathing exercises withpregnancy? Pluses, of course, more. Firstly (and this is perhaps the most important thing), breathing exercises will prepare the body for delivery in the best way, which means that the process will pass as quickly and painlessly as possible, and the child will be born healthy. Thanks to such gymnastics, a greater amount of oxygen will enter the body of the woman, therefore, the child will not suffer from oxygen starvation and will be protected from many possible pathologies.

Respiratory gymnastics during pregnancy

Another undeniable advantage of respiratorygymnastics for pregnant women - weight stabilization. Many women, especially those that before pregnancy were reeds, extremely painfully react to changes in their appearance. Breathing exercises will not allow you to gain too many extra pounds. And besides, thanks to her, there will be no increase in pressure - many future mothers also suffer from this scourge.

It is because of breathing exercisespregnant women have the opportunity to normalize their emotions and loosened nerves, relieve stress, calm thoughts, relax, improve mood. Exercising the right breathing will allow you to learn to concentrate, which will be the greatest help during the fights. And breathing exercises reduce the risk of a possible miscarriage.

As for the minuses, they also exist. However, if you organize everything correctly, go to the question with your head and know the measure, then there will be no harm from the lessons. If you overdo it with the duration of the exercises or with the exercises themselves, there is a risk of weakness, dizziness, lowering of pressure. All this is a natural reaction of the body to overwork. So in everything it is necessary to adhere to a strict norm.

General principles

We list a few:

  1. Respiratory gymnastics is based on proper breathing, whose basis is the competent control of inhalation and exhalation.
  2. You do not have to do it on an empty stomach, but you do not need to eat too much from the belly. Minutes for 30-40 before a workout, you can eat something light.
  3. Do breathing exercises can be no more than ten minutes, otherwise there will be fatigue.
  4. For classes you need to choose the most comfortable clothes.
  5. If the state of health or mood is bad, it is better to postpone breathing exercises - there will not be any benefit from such an occupation.
  6. Do not practice at room temperature above 28 ° C.
  7. Respiratory gymnastics is best performed immediately before exercise.
  8. Do it every day, without missing.
  9. If there is dizziness during the exercise, you need to hold your breath for thirty seconds.
  10. Too long to hold the breath is not recommended - otherwise the future baby will lack oxygen.
Waiting for the child

Types of breathing

Types of breathing, and, accordingly, and exercises,associated with them, a great many. It is pectoral, abdominal, intermittent, superficial, relaxing, slow, full, goose and other species. Each of them can easily be mastered by anyone.

Where to begin?

To begin respiratory gymnastics for pregnant womenrecommended with a belly breathing. You need to lie on your back (or at least half-lie down) and place your palm on your stomach. A deep, smooth breath will allow you to see how the hand that lies on your stomach rises with it. In this case, the thorax should remain completely immobile, only the anterior abdominal wall is involved. The pace in which you need to breathe, every pregnant woman sets herself for herself, the main thing is that she is comfortable in it. If the exercise is performed correctly in the abdomen, heat will appear, which means that blood has flowed. If at this time the baby starts to stir actively, it is not worth frightening - this is his normal reaction to what is happening.

After mastering the technique of breathing with the stomach (in other words, abdominal breathing), you can turn your attention to everyone else. About them further in more detail.

Respiratory gymnastics: sets of exercises

Consider a few:

  • Full breath.

You can breathe in this way in any position,should be excluded unless walking. This technique is carried out in three stages: inhaling, first you should inflate the stomach, then allow to expand the thoracic area and then lift the chest. At exhalation, the abdomen is also "blown off" first, then the thoracic region narrows and the chest falls. When doing this exercise, you should relax as much as possible and do it as slowly as possible.

  • Slow breathing.

Subsequently, this type of breathing will help well during labor. You need to inhale slowly through your nose, counting to five, then exhale in the same way - but already through your mouth.

  • Chest breathing.

One hand lies on the chest, the other on the stomach. First you need to exhale, and then breathe in your nose. The abdomen and hand on it at the same time should not move, but the hand lying on the chest, with the right breath, will rise with it. Then it is necessary to hold the breath for a short time, and then to exhale through the nose.

Respiratory gymnastics of pregnant women
  • Intermittent breathing.

Another name for this type of breath is dog-like. It consists in the fact that you need to breathe often and quickly, like a dog. For one second it is recommended to have time to inhale and exhale. This type is performed with a slightly open mouth and sticking out tongue and is very useful in attempts.

  • Superficial breathing.

Here the main principle - ease, speed andrhythm. Just like with the chest type of breathing, the stomach should not move. The duration of the inspiration should be chosen according to the duration of the exhalation. It is best to do such an exercise with your eyes closed - this will help to get into the rhythm faster.

  • Relaxing breathing.

There is such a breath lying on your back, handsare arranged so: one on the chest, the other on the stomach. You need to breathe in full, and at the same time move both the chest and stomach. Another name for this type of breathing is mixed. Exhale is best advised through compressed lips. This technique of breathing will relax, and also helps in fights.

Respiratory gymnastics during pregnancy
  • Breathing with a delay.

You can breathe this way, even walking. Inhale is performed through the nose, counting to five. Then you need to hold your breath, counting to two, and exhale - again counting to five. Time is recommended to increase gradually. Breathing with delay is useful at the end of attempts, already at the birth of a baby.

  • Goose breathing.

In this technique, the inspiration is carried through the nose when counting to four. For a few seconds, then breathing should be delayed, then exhale through closed teeth and lips, counting to six and slightly hissing.

  • "Sleepy" breath.

Performed lying on his side, with his eyes closed. After counting to four, take a deep breath, then exhale - in the account to eight. Both are produced through the nose. This is how we breathe in our sleep when we sleep soundly and deeply. This technique helps to relax and is effective also in childbirth.

At the end of the session, it is permissible to meditate a little - sit cross-legged (lotus posture), close your eyes and gently inhale and exhale the air. This contributes to the mood for a positive mood.

Respiratory exercises in different trimesters

No wonder they say: what is good for one, bad for another. Approximately this is the case with respiratory gymnastics in different trimesters.

In the first trimester there is still no stomach, nothingprevents, and in the absence of a strong toxicosis, gymnastics will go only for future use. In addition to breathing exercises, you can still expose your body and physical activity. However, too much to get involved, too, because the first twelve weeks are extremely dangerous threat of miscarriage.

In the second trimester, respiratory gymnasticsshould be engaged necessarily, even if the first three months she was neglected. It starts with breathing like a dog (in other words, intermittent), then go to the chest breath, and finish with the abdominal. Respiratory gymnastics for pregnant women 2 trimester at home is aimed at preventing the development of possible complications and diseases in both the future mother and the baby.

Breathing exercises

The third trimester is considered the most difficult. The woman is already hard to walk, often pains in various places, swelling, insomnia and other unpleasant things. That is why it is so important to continue breathing exercises for pregnant women in the 3rd trimester - this will help at least a little to alleviate the general condition of a woman. Similarly, one should continue to breathe like a dog, train the thoracic and abdominal breathing and exercise in all other techniques that can help in childbirth.

Respiratory gymnastics with a tonus of the uterus

In pregnancy, the tone of the uterus iscontraindication for exercise, but some doctors, on the contrary, recommend doing the right breathing. Therefore, even if the uterus has come to tonus, do not immediately get frustrated and throw the begun - the advice of the attending physician will tell you how to properly act in each specific case.

If a woman is engaged in respiratory gymnastics with a tonus of the uterus, she must perform such techniques as chest breathing and breathing with the stomach.

In case of toxicosis

Severe toxicosis, as mentioned above,is an unconditional contraindication to the practice of respiratory gymnastics for pregnant women. With toxicosis, as a rule, you want to lie down and do not move. However, if it is small, does not cause any faintness, does not interfere with life, and the doctor does not see anything terrible in training, then breathing exercises are only welcomed. Thus, in this case, as in the case of the tone of the uterus, each specific woman must resolve this issue with her gynecologist.

Respiratory gymnastics during childbirth

The most useful in fighting for a woman canabdominal and intermittent breathing. Breathe dog-like recommend during the period when the bouts are intensified - this will help endure the pain. It is also useful and full breathing for childbirth. Respiratory gymnastics for pregnant women of this type allows you to calm down and begin to control the process - after all, women tend to get worried and fidgety, discovering that the birth is already close.

It will be useful during the fights and chest breathing, but when you try again you will need to remember breathing like a dog - when you will not be pushing, this type of breathing will be very appropriate.

Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova

Various author's methods of breathing in the presenttime, as they say, a dime a dozen. One of them - and very popular - is the breathing gymnastics Strelnikova, which appeared in the middle of the last century. Paradoxically, that initially to pregnant women she did not have the slightest relation - initially Strelnikova developed her respiratory gymnastics for the treatment of diseases associated with voice. Already later her methods of breathing became actively used by pregnant women, because she leaves fatigue, depression disappears, the level of oxygen in the body rises - there are a lot of pluses.

Meditation for pregnant women

Exercises in this technique are interestingthe name "Ladoshki" (when you inhale you need to squeeze your hands into a fist), "Hold your shoulders" (at the moment of inspiration you need to embrace yourself by the shoulders), "Ears" (breathing in, you should press your head to your shoulders) and so on. It is recommended that breathing exercises on Strelnikova not earlier than from the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy - that is, in the second trimester. However, it, like any other similar complex, has its own contraindications: bleeding, thrombophlebitis, fever, threat of miscarriage.

Thus, breathing exercises during pregnancy are simply necessary. With the right approach it will be easy to survive both the pregnancy itself and subsequent childbirth.