How to lace sneakers beautifully and unusually?

Sometimes, without even thinking about how to lace sneakers, you do it in the most familiar way for you. Few people know that there are more than a dozen methods. Let's try to describe the main ones.

Method 1. Zigzag

This is the traditional and most popular method of lacing all shoes. The cord simply crosses itself with itself where there are holes for this.

how to lace sneakers
To do this, the strings are inserted into the lower holesand pulled out, then inserted into the opposite, etc. - to the very top. The disadvantage of this method is that it can crush the shoe. But it is very convenient because the outfits are on the outside and do not rub your foot.

Method 2. European

Here's how to lace the gym shoes with this method.The ties are passed through both bottom holes and outward. One end of the lace, crossed, then exits through the upper opening. The second tie crosses out through one hole. Then alternately lace until the holes are exhausted. The disadvantage is a slightly ridiculous appearance when just starting out. But this method is very reliable.

Method 3. Direct

If you want to learn how to lace sneakersbeautifully, this method is for you. In this version, there is no uncomfortable diagonal lacing from inside the shoe. Ties are passed through the lower holes inside the shoe from both sides. One part of the lace goes to the right upwards, thrusts first into the upper hole, and then into the left hole. Both ends rise higher and go out through one hole, and then extend to the other side, and so on.

how to properly lace sneakers
This is a bit difficult and suitable only for shoes with an even number of holes.

Method 4: With a hidden node

If you want to learn about how to lace keds,so as not to stick out the strings, then this option will suit you. This will add to the appeal of your shoes. The cords are laced in a straightforward manner, but the left end should be made slightly shorter than the right one. One string is not completed a bit, while the second is brought to the last hole. Both ends should be directed inside the shoe. Then tie it. It looks pretty nice, but it's a bit difficult to make a knot. This method is suitable only for an even number of holes.

Method 5. Odd

It looks like a straight lacing, but is adapted to an odd number of holes. How correctly to lace the gym shoes with this method? It's simple. There are several options:

  • Passing holes. By skipping one, their number becomes even, and then a straight lacing follows. You can do this in the middle, dividing into two sections.
  • One on the diagonal. It is done at the beginning. And then the same - straight lacing.
  • Cross stitch. It is done anywhere. The number of holes becomes even.
  • Double stitch. This option is based on pulling both ends of the laces at once through both holes.

Method 5. Extreme lacing

It's quite simple. One string stretches directly to the top, and the other passes through all the holes.

how to lace sneakers beautifully
Here are a few methods of how to lace keds.Which one to choose is your right. Let your sneakers be laced up to your liking. To some extent, lacing can reflect the individuality of each person. So experiment!