What is manual labor in the preparatory group?

manual labor in the preparatory group
The effectiveness of child labor,its effectiveness, as well as the attitude of children to work, are largely determined by the methodology for guiding them. There are no lazy children, there are wrong approaches to the management and organization of child labor. Calls to duty, duty - just empty words. It is necessary to understand that a child, a preschool child, should not take anything a priori. With the right and able guidance, the teacher can find an approach to any kid and thereby achieve that all preschoolers will always want to work, perform any tasks with pleasure. Manual labor in the preparatory group is one of the important components of the upbringing of children.

Types of child labor in the DOW and the forms of its organization

The pre-school program for preschool children has fourthe type of work activity: self-service, domestic work, labor in nature and manual labor - this is especially true in the preparatory group. These types of work are always attractive for children, are significant for each of them and, most importantly, do not require the creation of special conditions, can be organized in any family, in every kindergarten. The forms in which the child is attracted to work are diverse.

manual labor planning preparatory group
It can be a team work, in tandem with a tutor or with another child, individual work, on duty and single assignments.

Work in the Dow for FGT

Types of child labor differ from each other andcontent, and purpose. For example, manual labor in the preparatory group is associated with the manufacture of products through weaving, sewing, embroidering, as well as the creation of various toys and even books, souvenirs, jewelry, gifts for friends and relatives, with the repair of their books and toys, boxes, etc. By its designation, it is close to the productive work of adults, as it has a materialized result, which invariably causes the child positive emotions and encourages activity again and again. At the same time, it is connected with constructive activity, because it is often based on the skills and skills acquired in the design. Beginning with the second younger group, children learn what manual labor is.

Planning: preparatory group

In the practical activities of children, some typeswork are successfully combined. So, cleaning of a group of leaves, snow or clearing tracks will be carried out simultaneously with difficulty in caring for plants, loosening the soil around bushes and trees, whitewashing their trunks. The cleaning of the group room is combined with the creation in it of favorable conditions for animals and plants. Repair of books, their toys can be combined with cleaning in the book and game corners and so on. Manual work in the preparatory group includes:

labor in doug

- representation of the properties of various materials (paper, fabric, straw, waste material, etc.);

- the idea of ​​the possibilities of using different materials to create crafts;

- the ability to make crafts from different materials.

Planning this work follows the samethe principle that other sections of the program, not forgetting about the theme of the week, as well as the goals and tasks that will be pursued and solved in the process of interaction with children.