In February, what holidays in Russia?

The very word "holiday" is already causing a smile! Who does not like to have fun, get presents? It is a mistake to say that January is the most festive month. In addition to the Day of Defender of the Fatherland in February, what holidays still exist? Yes, a whole arsenal: church, children's, professional. We will understand more in detail.

Holy holy days

Believers know by heart all Orthodoxholidays in February. They are not so little. The month begins with the Day of Remembrance of the Monk Makarii the Great. On the first day of the last month of winter, we honor the memory of the monk who spent 60 years in the desert conversing with God. He saved many people who had fallen into difficult circumstances. Thanks to his prayer, many people were healed. Namedays on this day celebrate Yefim, Arseniy, Anton, Theodosius.

in February, what holidays

February 6 is the Day of Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg. This holy woman was born in the 18th century. Not having had time to be happy with a happy marriage, she remained a widow at 26 years old. She distributed to the poor all her savings and property, remained in the same muzhevom suit. In the afternoon Xenia dragged bricks to build a temple near the Smolensk cemetery, and spent the cold nights in the field, praying and asking the Lord for happiness for other people.

Major church holidays in February are the Lord's Savior and the celebration in honor of the Iberian Icon of the Mother of God.

On February 15, the most ancient holiday of Christians -The Presentation of the Lord. The Most Holy Theotokos did not need illumination, but she brought the baby Jesus to the temple. There she was met by the elder Simeon, who knew that until he held the messenger of God in his hands, he would not die!

February 25 is the day of worship of the Iberian iconThe Mother of God. This is one of the most significant faces in Christianity. The believing widow hid the icon from heretics and decided to launch it. After sailing along the river, the icon sailed to Athos, where the monks of the Iberian monastery were found.

Still there are such Orthodox holidays inFebruary, as a day of memory of the holy martyr Trifon Apomeysky, honoring the memory of Fyodor Stratilat, on February 25 the church and the whole Orthodox world remember St. Alexis. The latter helped to pacify the turmoil, the royal dissension, lived to a very old age.

All professions are important

Each profession has its own significant day, original name-day. In February, what other holidays do you know about specialties? It turns out that this month there are several of them:

  • On February 10, Russia marks the Day of the Diplomaticemployee. People who do not delve into the details think that this is not work, but permanent social receptions and receptions. Of course, this is a delusion. A diplomat is a very difficult profession, requiring patience and high intelligence. After all, sometimes the fate of the country and all its inhabitants depends on these people. An employee of the diplomatic service is a highly qualified specialist who knows the history of not only his state, but the whole world. Such people inherent in non-standard thinking, responsibility, the ability to make quick and correct decisions!
    holidays in February in Russia
  • Holidays in February in Russia are very diverse. For example, Day of military topographer. In 1822 the first educational institution for topographers was opened in Russia. It was a military-topographic school, from where the real specialists were issued! Now with the advent of the latest technology, the work of surveyors becomes more complicated. Professionals deal with satellites, instruments are all precise and complex, laser, optical. The responsibility on these people is enormous!
    children's holidays in February
  • February 14 is famous not only for Valentine's Day! On this day celebrate their holiday computer programmers. These brilliant people, it turns out, go away from the monitor once a year and have fun!
  • February 9 - Day of the dentist, very young holiday in our country. It is not a day off. Congratulate your own dentist is recommended to everyone, with such people it is better not to spoil the relationship!

Professional holidays in February startlevariety: Bartender's Day, Day of Fuel Service, Day of Transport Police ... All the month you can congratulate friends and acquaintances, the main thing is not to go broke!

National unity

There are days that can be characterizedas folk festivals in February. The day of February 8 was officially designated as the Day of Science in 1999. Our country has much to boast of in this area. The greatest discoveries and world-famous scientists born in Russia are our pride, on this day it is necessary to honor the memory of the great minds of the country!

folk festivals in February

Memorial Day of A.S. Pushkin celebrated 10th in February. What holidays can not be called gay are the days of the death of great people. The most talented Russian poet died in 1937, in the winter. We all know by heart the lines he composed.

folk festivals in February

On February 21, the country celebrates Mother Language Day! This holiday is international. In the world there are about six thousand languages, and each of them is honored on this day. Learn and love your language! And better - several at once, it promotes the development of mental activity and memory.

Favorite pancakes all

All holidays in February in Russia in own wayare good, but here Maslenitsa is the most delicious! This is an ancient Slavic holiday, a real celebration of spring. The symbol of the sun are delicious pancakes. You can use all kinds of fillings: honey, meat, condensed milk, jam. All week it is necessary to feast on pancakes, and on Sunday they burn a scarecrow and escort the winter! This day is called "Forgiven Sunday", you need to ask forgiveness from all your relatives for the grievances inflicted in the past year.

church holidays in February

Very cheerful Shrovetide festivals take place in February. What holidays still exist?

The best is for children

Children's holidays in February, unfortunately,are absent. But any of the listed days can be dedicated to kids. Pancake week is a favorite walk for children. All week they are full of pancakes, and then they look at the burning of a scarecrow with pleasure!


Valentine's Day is an excellent occasion to express your feelings for a partner. Lovely surprises, exquisite valentines, bouquets, candy - it's all intrigues of Saint Valentine!

Holidays of love are known since pagan times,and before there were a few. But to this day only this one has reached - on February, 14th. Each couple in love is waiting for this day in February. What holidays are still celebrated so gently and anxiously? Probably, these are no more!

Orthodox holidays in February

The culprit of this celebration is the priest Valentine. During the reign of Emperor Claudius, it was believed that soldiers were not at war with all their strength because of their longing for wives. Then he forbade marrying. But the kind and understanding priest Valentine secretly combined the marriage of lovers. All secret things one day become apparent, and the emperor sentenced the offender to death. Valentine was in love with the daughter of the prison governor, and before the imminent death wrote a declaration of love to his chosen one. At the end of the message was the signature: "Your Valentine." Lovely love notes, therefore, and called valentines. Especially appreciated postcards made by themselves, because they invested a piece of the soul!

Kindness will save the world

Day of spontaneous manifestation of kindness celebrated 17February, but little is known about him. Initiators are charitable organizations. They call, if possible, to help people and make the world more kind. A spontaneous gesture of kindness is much more valuable than a thoughtful act. Wake up in the morning and figure out what you can do today to help at least one person, a sick child. And if everyone is aware of their importance, the needy will become much less.

Our army is strong

Perhaps the most popular holiday of Februaryis the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. It is celebrated in every family, regardless of whether it is military or not. Earlier this holiday was called the Day of the Red Army, and later it was considered the Day of All Men. On this day, veterans are honored, laying flowers at the monuments and remembering the military merits.

professional holidays in February

Each celebration has its own peculiarities and traditions. It is necessary to know the holidays of Russia and tell the children about them, so that they also know about the peculiarities of the life of ancestors and modern people.