Holidays in November - state, professional, Orthodox

The darkest month of the year is November. It's not golden autumn, not yet snowy winter. The last month of autumn is sometimes called depressive: the sky is gray, the earth is black, cold and damp. But numerous holidays in November: state, professional, military, and church, help to weather bad weather and autumn sadness.

In Russia, celebrate public holidays inNovember is an old tradition. For many people of the older generation, the phrase "November holidays" is still associated with the demonstration of workers on the day of the socialist revolution. It was the main Soviet holiday, and it was on November 7-8.

In 1941, when the 24th anniversary was celebratedRevolution, Red Army troops marched through the Red Square, immediately leaving for the front, for the defense of the capital, so in recent years, on this day, called the Day of Military Glory, a military parade is taking place on the main square of the country.

In 2005, they recalled the story and appointed a newa significant date - November 4, calling this holiday the Day of National Unity. Rather, they revived the ancient holiday, which was celebrated in Russia from the middle of the 17th century. By the decree of the Russian Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, (the second of the Romanov dynasty), the day of the icon of the Kazan Mother of God was declared a festive day. It was with this icon in 1612 that the people's militia routed the invaders and drove them out of the Kremlin, and then from Moscow and Russia.

This day became the main Russian stateholiday. Currently, Orthodox holidays in November, and, in general, during the year, are celebrated and celebrated everywhere and even by unchurched people.

November 14 is considered the day of craftsmen, because the church celebrates the day - the Bessrebeniks and miracle-workers Kosmas and Damian, who are considered their patrons.

On November 10, the whole country celebrates Employee DayMinistry of Internal Affairs. Since 1962, the Day of the Police was celebrated. This date was determined by the decree of the Council of People's Commissars in 1917, when a working militia was established to guard the order. The holiday was always celebrated and celebrated especially solemnly: awards and concerts.

Many holidays in November are connected with the militaryevents and are devoted to troops of different kinds. So, in November (5) spies celebrate, in eight days our defenders from radiation, chemical and bacteriological danger remind of their merits. Particularly solemnly celebrated the Day of Missile Forces and Artillerymen - November 19.

There are professional holidays in November. The first day of the month is the day of the bailiffs. The Institute of Court Bailiffs has a long history, the importance of their activities for legal proceedings is known. But the day of the accountant appeared recently. This is an informal holiday, but representatives of this profession believe that their day is November 21. On this day, 16 years ago, the President of Russia signed a law that determined the importance of accounting for the economy of the country. It turned out to be a double holiday, because this is also the day of "tax collectors"

More recently, there were such holidays in November, as the Days of Mother and Men.

On the first Saturday of November, "my" day of the whole manthe world has been celebrated since 2000. This holiday appeared on the initiative of former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev. His idea was supported by the Vienna branch of the United Nations and many international organizations.

On the last Sunday in November from 1998 inMothers are honored in Russia. In 2012, it falls on November 29. It is not as popular as the well-known Women's Day in March, which in Russia is an official non-working day, but every year its celebration becomes an increasingly visible public event.

Fasting is difficult to call a holiday, Christmas fast begins this year on November 28, but its beginning can be regarded as the foreboding of the Great Holiday of Christmas and New Year.